vivo V9 Youth

vivo V9 Youth

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  • IWR
  • 20 Jan 2024

How about its battery life

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    • Anonymous
    • 73Z
    • 14 Jul 2023

    Using it since 2018. Last week it dropped from my hand on a sharp stone because of which it's screen freezes time and again. So I ordered Samsung A34, Hope it also last at least 5-6 year.

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      • Anonymous
      • s87
      • 17 Mar 2023

      Abhiraj R, 01 May 2022Bought it in 2018.The phone is a tough bastard.Was the best... moreI still use it. Thinking about v27 now

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        • Abhiraj R
        • XW@
        • 01 May 2022

        Bought it in 2018.The phone is a tough bastard.Was the best phone in the segment during that time.Near stock android.funtouch ui without any bugs.Fast and spacious(for me considering i was a pubg addict at the time).Camera can do wonders at the right hands.Do not compare it with any of the phones from 2022.Has fallen down from my hand for atleast more that 70-80 times over 4 years period.Still working good as new.At last yesterday it fell from my hand and the glass came whole glass screen is protruded out but still working.After 4 hard years of usage i decided to exchange it for a new phone.RIP my vivo v9 youth.You have done well for me.See you in heaven.

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          • Anonymous
          • C87
          • 05 Apr 2022

          Hollygun, 20 Nov 2021I need helpIt's a good phone,you make more phones

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            • Hollygun
            • tu6
            • 20 Nov 2021

            I need help

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              • ABX
              • vIi
              • 12 Oct 2021

              Used this phone for 3.5 years, and at the end as well i didn't change it intentionally, but it was stolen so i had to switch it finally, i had 32gb variant so storage issue was obvious for me, but i would say it was worth the money for me and i dont think so that i would have changed it if it was not stolen.

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                • sapis
                • tu6
                • 15 Jul 2021

                buy it around rm260 95% condition.. just backup until my sony xz2p screen repair.. all averange nothing to expect much.. just have some little lagging..

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                  • kanes
                  • YUU
                  • 26 Sep 2020

                  Vivo v9 youth small battery, gaming very good

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                    • Afsana
                    • 6p}
                    • 29 Jun 2020

                    I've been using this mobilephone for 20 months. Surprisingly, this phone is worth the money. The battery backup and photo quality ( low light photos are nnot good enough) are still the same as the first time I've used it.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • gMB
                      • 13 Jan 2020

                      Front camera is bad. When I click picture in night with front camera then no clear photo. So front camera is poor

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                        • Sym
                        • sye
                        • 19 Aug 2019

                        I didn't got pie on my vivo v9 youth what i do for update on pie 9.

                          vivo v9youth has an update to 9.0 in 4/8/2019.but gsm arena still shows android 8.1

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                            • Anonymous
                            • t7W
                            • 12 May 2019

                            is vivo y85 will get pie update or not? the other brand wer already updated, if next month still no pie update then no more vivo.

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                              • Chaz Crisanto
                              • ijA
                              • 28 Mar 2019

                              I've been using vivo v9 youth for almost a year. surprisingly an amazing phone for such a budget price. has the power to bring out best performance in high memory eating games.

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                                • Rabby
                                • YWi
                                • 18 Mar 2019

                                I used Vivo v9 youth more than 8 month.i am satisfied with performance.sometimes its works slow ,but its really rare case. camera are very good with budge range phone.

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                                  • perez1991
                                  • RND
                                  • 04 Jan 2019

                                  Has been using v9 youth for more than 5 months. so far so good for its range - budget smartphone. and i managed to read some comments here. those with -ve comments: either you had a bad luck, or ure just one of vivo competitors. v9 youth is good value for money.

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                                    • Jag
                                    • sxr
                                    • 30 Nov 2018

                                    I am just wondering when i updated i-themes the default fonts are interchanged. So i just decided to uninstall updates just to bring back the respective name assignments to the default fonts. Hope vivo can do something about this.

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                                      • fahat bd
                                      • uNV
                                      • 16 Nov 2018

                                      Anonymous, 20 Oct 2018Have you figured it out yet why it's happened? Because it's... moreyes this problems are mine v9 youth too.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • D06
                                        • 02 Nov 2018

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