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Op??? Stop ABBRIEVEATIONS! Don't be lazy.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎

    Anonymous, 18 Jun 2024They should release it to other countries tbh, This phone i... moreIt's not really that OP, it suffers from the same problem that vivox100 pro and other 3 camera system phones suffer...
    Great 0.5x, 1x, >=3.7x but bad 3x photos

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      • DxW
      • 18 Jun 2024

      They should release it to other countries tbh, This phone is op but i still prefer the X100P

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        • SmV
        • 18 Jun 2024

        Anonymous, 16 Jun 2024Something I've noticed on mine (granted, 120v mains) i... more80w it's the maximum wired charging and being on charge and using it at the same time it's ruining the battery so for obvious reasons it's decrease power.

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          • rMT
          • 16 Jun 2024

          Something I've noticed on mine (granted, 120v mains) is that it will run up to 80w at first when charging with super fast enabled, but it very much fluctuates with the temp of the phone, dropping down to its regular speed of 40w pretty quickly. Also if you use the phone while it's on the charger it cuts down into the 20s.

            Why release it if it's only sold in China?

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              • Clipper
              • mx2
              • 15 Jun 2024

              I know I won't be able to buy it, but I'd like to see where we can currently go with a cameraphone. When the review?

                harris, 14 Jun 2024im waiting for this vivo X100 Ultra When it be available gl... moreNo, already confirmed that it will remain China exclusive.

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                  • harris
                  • ibp
                  • 14 Jun 2024

                  im waiting for this vivo X100 Ultra When it be available globally?

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                    • xr0
                    • 13 Jun 2024

                    Been using this for about a week now. The cameras are just next level if you don't already have any 2024 flagship (I'm coming from Fold 4). But there's just one thing I'm disappointed about, which is the stage mode. It only records in 1080p 30fps (I was expecting 4K)

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                      • KaiserEgus
                      • Cfw
                      • 13 Jun 2024

                      too spicy, 24 May 2024I'm just waiting for the price to come down to it'... moreOnce they start realising the 8 gen 4 flagships coming by the end of the year, X100's ultra price must definitely go down.

                      In my case, I will either get it at lower price, or the Find X8 ultra, since they are adding better cameras, to match or beat the X100 Ultra, a better procesor and it will most likely have a price similar to the Vivo x100 ultra

                        Anonymous, 03 Jun 2024Who wins, Oppo Find X7 Ultra or Vivo X100 Ultra?Oppo find x7 ultra for me. Too early to tell for cameras but overall I think given the current price difference the find x7 ultra offers better value. The Vivo x100 ultra is 23% more expensive 6,499rmb versus 5,299rmb and that's official pricing direct from the manufacturers. The gap is bigger if you buy from third party resellers. If they were the same price though then it's a tough call. Down to personal preference. I'd probably still go for the x7 ultra though personally as it tends to produce more natural photos of people.

                          Anonymous, 06 Jun 2024overall seem very good. the issue is this phone comes too l... moredon't be excited about 8gen4. if it's not going to be heat factory, most probably it's going to be a battery killer.

                            Rose, 31 May 2024What countries this X100 is released. Is this gonna be rele... moreNo, China only

                              Danish07, 29 May 2024is this have better camera than samsung s24 ultra ?It won't be far behind the s24 ultra at all. Probably the next best Android for cameras

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                                • 07 Jun 2024

                                spice, 12 May 2024Lots of hate for this phone even before its official reveal... moreGood for you!

                                I also don't care about some random hate comments from a wannabe elitists knowing eVERyThInG about phones.

                                Buy what you like the best and enjoy life B-)

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                                  • Stoon
                                  • fq$
                                  • 06 Jun 2024

                                  Koi, 29 May 2024It's so much better in terms of camera capabilities. P... more2k resolution is curse for battery and CPU sustained performance ... expect overheating quickly. we will see the final result in the full review and come back here again to get a confirmation !

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                                    • PxV
                                    • 06 Jun 2024

                                    overall seem very good. the issue is this phone comes too late and 8gen4 is coming in a few months

                                      the god of smartphone photography

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                                        • Eno2
                                        • mtk
                                        • 04 Jun 2024

                                        supafly, 18 May 2024these pics are from vivo 100s and not from the ultraMost of them where from the Ultra, it's written in every image in the lower thirds.

                                        You can find more under this link:


                                        Image source Vivo: