New vivo X20 Plus gets certified, might feature under-screen fingerprint scanner

Himanshu, 03 January 2018

A vivo X20 Plus variant has recently received 3C certification in China. The listing reveals 'vivo X20 Plus UD' moniker. The 'UD' part in the moniker has triggered speculations that this might be the first phone to feature an under-screen fingerprint scanner.

Of course, nothing is confirmed at the moment, meaning 'UD' could turn out to be referring to something completely different. But we already know vivo will be the first to launch a phone with under-display sensor and a new version of its flagship seems like a logical choice.

The phone is coming at CES, which is less than a week away now so we will know soon enough if it's the X20 Plus or not.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

My point is that vivo finger print scanners have always been the best in the market. All the way back in 2015,vivo released the fastest and most accurate scanner on the x6 plus and that scanner continues to unlock faster and more accurate than my s8 ...

So, you have 3 phones, at least and Vivo is the best?

  • Anonymous

If there is one company that can make this good, it's vivo. My LG g6 finger print scanner is slower than molasses and not accurate. My Samsung Galaxy s8 is just as slow yet fails three times the amount on the first try. My vivo x20 has an incredibly ...

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