Vivo X30 with 5G arriving in December

Yordan, 28 October 2019

Last month vivo held a conference at which a company executive announced a partnership with Samsung that will bring a 5G-enabled smartphone with Exynos 980 chipset. Today, a usually reliable leakster from China shared more info about the device - it will be called vivo X30, it will arrive as a successor of the vivo X27 and will be introduced in December.

vivo X30 launch venue vivo X30 launch venue vivo X30 launch venue
vivo X30 launch venue vivo X30 launch venue vivo X30 launch venue
vivo X30 launch venue

The X30 moniker is already trademarked by vivo, and the device will have a notchless screen, meaning the front camera will be hidden in a pop-up mechanism. Users tried to guess it will look a lot like the vivo X27 Pro, given the triple camera suggestion on the background.

Some of the images appear to be of a demo room or the actual hall vivo is planning to use for the X30 launch. If the phone really arrives with Exynos 980, this means it will have integrated 5G modem and only one version - there will be no 4G units.

Most of the specs are non-existent at the moment, but at least we have the chipset, revealing the vivo X30 will have two high-performance CPU Cortex-A77 cores at 2.2 GHz and six Cortex-A55 units for power efficiency.

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  • Surfer

It IS practically an 8-core CPU just 2 of the cores allocated for high-speed tasks while it has 6 cores for power efficiency usage which will make the battery last even longer. It's the best setup for medium-ranged phones since this is a medium-range...

  • Surfer

This is the one, yes, the one and ONLY 5G+WiFi 6 goodness! It's more advanced and future-proofing than the newly released Mate 30/pro and it'll be even better than Exynos 990 that'll power Galaxy S11 because that one has separate 5G modem which will ...

Just 2 A77 cores Ffs just make it 4 make it a flagship chipset or maybe only S11 & Note 11 will get those

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