vivo X50 5G

vivo X50 5G

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  • TeckHomes

In India X50 is Launched with 730G
50mm Prime Lense Camera without OIS ? steady hands only!!

  • jokoviasu

just purchase this phone 3 days ago. indonesian version only have snapdragon 730 inside, bundling with vivo tws neo earphone. camera performa is superb in all aspect.

Rajesh S, 26 Jul 2020Yeah it has both front and back GORRILA GLASSWhich version of Gorilla Glass?

  • Rajesh S

Mike, 26 Jul 2020Does it have gorilla glassYeah it has both front and back GORRILA GLASS

  • Mike

Does it have gorilla glass

  • Anonymous

It has Gorilla glass?

  • Anonymous

Patrik, 19 Jul 2020In indonesian market, this basic X50 model is using a Snapd... moreSD 765G only in China...

  • Patrik

In indonesian market, this basic X50 model is using a Snapdragon 730 instead of Snapdragon 765G...

  • Anonymous

Its using snapdragon 730 in indonesia :(

LeftyRai, 17 Jul 2020Vivo X50 has headphone jackDoes not. It's true, if you look on vivo's website.

  • LeftyRai

Vivo X50 has headphone jack

  • Anonymous

OPPO find X2 is very good phone comper to vivo x50

  • Presiden of CHINA

Why no SD card slot, we still need external memory anyway

Strange cameras, no headphone jack, w h a t.

  • Anonymous

Vishal Akbar 20, 06 Jun 2020Be careful if you buy a Vivo phone and if someone is a VIVO... moreI think somewhere it might be but not in all phones

  • Elthan John

I am from London, UK. I'm now in Dongguan, China. Yesterday I went to Vivo company and saw this handphone, which is Vivo x50, Vivo x50 pro and Vivo x50 pro+. All have no stereo speakers, only single bottom-firing speakers. It doesn’t have stereo speaker like Vivo Iqoo Neo3 and Vivo Iqoo Z1. Vivo x50 pro and x50 pro+ camera is great and sound is great but no bass and quality for media and music because only one speaker at bottom. Damn and frustrated for Vivo Company make high spec for this mobile but no stereo speaker. That’s shame.

  • Panda112

why is it so hard to find a midrange phone with stereo speakers i don't care about this high refresh rate stuff i just want an amoled screen with stereo speakers

Be careful if you buy a Vivo phone and if someone is a VIVO lover.

Recent report has surfaced that VIVO branded phones are using same IMEI number for multiple phones. After police enquiry, it has been found that nearly 13000+ phones carry same IMEI number. Further investigations are underway.

OPPO VIVO REALME IQOO are all from same company BBK.

  • markobarko

nice small chin and camera cutout, super flat amoled and energy effective chipset with integrated modem. Somethimg you can only whish from top producers.

Yee, 01 Jun 2020Look where selfie cam is. Most likely unwanted Samsung's p... morePlease learn facts before spouting random nonsense like that.

This is a typical Chinese phone.

Nothing to do with Samsung.