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I bought 3 of them, one for myself, my wife and one as a present for my daughter-in-law. The phone has been used in very challenging conditions right across the outback of Australia and none of us had ever any problems. I love the phone because it allows me to take excellent photos, especially close-up photos of plants and small animals.
The phone also allows me to store data on an SD card. Navigation has been accurate and fast, which is great if you travel to remote locations.
The only thing I dislike is the fact that it is difficult to put all the apps in alphabetical order. I feel Vivo would have been better off just using clean Android software similar to Nokia.
A very good reliable phone at a great price!

The battery life is also great and I think it is the best value phone avalable.

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    • Owen
    • 7sI
    • 24 May 2022

    This phone came with android 10 _ funtouch 10.. it's still on android 10 _ funtouch 10 no security update at all ..don't buy...don't buy vivo

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • X3m
      • 01 Jan 2022

      Be warned the mobile internet speed is terrible. Less than 10 Mbps speed test after few months use. Back to 30Mbps after phone full reset. Same SIM in iPhone SE can go beyond 100Mbps.

        • L
        • Luiggi
        • P@x
        • 06 Nov 2021

        A really good phone for workers.

        I have this phone for like 2 weeks. I am greatly surprised. It takes a full day of work using phone calls, photos and social media with 50% of the battery. Love the camera design, original and elegant. My family overseas could tell the image quality was better. The software runs on rails. The only downside is when you want to shot video, not having OIS makes it difficult. You can compensate this with a Gorilla Tripod. The screen is super sharp. Audio quality is really good, it has the speakers where you need them. The included earphones are good too. The charger feels solid. It does not feature a "fast charger" but you can get enough battery for a day in about 30 minutes. I will be looking forward to this brand.

        I bought mine for NZD 270. October 2021.

          • k
          • kel
          • PZT
          • 05 Nov 2021

          kel, 25 Oct 2021just bought a Vivo X50lite, went to buy a Oppo A16s but the... moreafter owning this vivo x50 lite phone for about three weeks now I love it great camera and very sharp screen, setup was a breeze, recommend highly , I don't know why you would need a high end phone for as this one dose everything most people would need.

            • k
            • kel
            • PZT
            • 25 Oct 2021

            just bought a Vivo X50lite, went to buy a Oppo A16s but the sells men talked me in to one of these, I had done a bit of research on theOppo and was very keen, hadn't done the same on the vivo, this is why I'm doing it know before I open the box, but what I read here sounds great, I will now set it up (hopefully ) and get back to all, possibly in a week or to.

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              • H
              • 7se
              • 27 Jun 2021

              Spent AUD$230 and havnt had any problems. Pretty good specs considering the price. Very happy with it.

                • C
                • CJS
                • y%5
                • 06 May 2021

                Bought one about a year ago, in Australia.
                This phone is decent enough, but it does not have face unlock (although google searching indicates otherwise).
                The screen also drops on social media platforms (black screen).
                Lots of storage and relatively quick. Great value for money now too.

                  • t
                  • trent
                  • 7se
                  • 05 Mar 2021

                  she's a lovely phone - to scared to take it anywhere in case it gets scratched. beautiful design and very fast.

                    • T
                    • Tim
                    • HXa
                    • 23 Feb 2021

                    Zeez, 29 Dec 2020Question: Does anyone know if this phone will get android 1... moreI think it will be it only came out in 2020 and the vivo x50 lite goes by another name the vivo s1 pro and from what I've found online its ment to be getting the update just have no idea when though its frustrating haha
                    Otherwise its a good phone !

                      • Z
                      • Zeez
                      • 7v6
                      • 29 Dec 2020

                      Question: Does anyone know if this phone will get android 11? I've tried looking online but can't find much.

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                        • Duststorm
                        • wgy
                        • 14 Nov 2020

                        I bought one for my wiife and it performed great. My Nokia 7plus gave up the ghost whilst travelling and I bought one for myself and another as a gift for the daughter in law. It is a fantastic phone,has a long battery life, can be changed rabidly and the camera is second to none. Fantastic value and performance.I just wish it would be pure Android instead having their own bloatware installed.

                          • G
                          • Gigerypooo
                          • wr5
                          • 02 Oct 2020

                          888, 21 Jun 2020How is the speaker sound like?About on par with any single speaker oppo or htc

                            • G
                            • Gigerypooo
                            • wr5
                            • 02 Oct 2020

                            Insane value for the money screen is fantastic even if the cpu/gpu soc is a bit dated it's not laggy at all and the ui more than makes up for it.
                            Only paid 388aud

                              • s
                              • specmatters
                              • KLU
                              • 07 Jul 2020

                              Will73, 02 Jun 2020This thing is astounding value for money here in Australia.... morethis phone actually doesn't worth the price

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                                • SJ
                                • PUK
                                • 25 Jun 2020

                                Will73, 02 Jun 2020This thing is astounding value for money here in Australia.... moreSo far I'm really liking it! I've only had it for a few days but it's an absolute bargain in Australia. It doesn't feel cheap or anything, it's definitely a flagship rival.

                                  • 8
                                  • 888
                                  • X3e
                                  • 21 Jun 2020

                                  Eddie , 19 May 2020Just bought one in Australia. Mid range price with high end... moreHow is the speaker sound like?

                                    This thing is astounding value for money here in Australia. Boggles the brain why you'd bother any of the 'big' names when you've got a phone like this on offer. ANy purchased one? How is it?

                                      • D
                                      • AnonD-920478
                                      • v6$
                                      • 21 May 2020

                                      Interesting to see other Australians buying smartphones other than Apple/Samsung- combed they have like 85% market share here...

                                        • E
                                        • Eddie
                                        • 2GR
                                        • 19 May 2020

                                        Anonymous, 12 May 2020Best camera design ever.Just bought one in Australia. Mid range price with high end features... day 1 so far so good