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  • Anonymous

What’s the model number of the “international” model?

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How are software updates on vivo phones?

  • all good

tintumon88, 13 Jul 2021I never considered buying Vivo, Oppo brands. But boy x60 is... moreBut I prefer funtouch OS to stock google apps and ui...
They are getting bland day by day but its not user friendly to use at all... all just white and black with no taste...
Just the basic dialler and messageing apps are more intuitive and simple to understand and use in Funtouch and skinned OSes... Stock google is just trying to shove its data mining features and ugly UI... But who am I kidding... these companies will get and push what they want...

  • Anonymous

tintumon88, 13 Jul 2021I never considered buying Vivo, Oppo brands. But boy x60 is... moreYou can try oneplus 9r

  • Abdur Rohim

AnikMehta, 08 Jul 2021Apparently, the main update for which you should opt for Vi... moreWith stereo speaker..

  • Abdur Rohim

Vivo x60 more and more update with stereo speaker..

I never considered buying Vivo, Oppo brands. But boy x60 is amazing.Here are pros
1.SD870 amazing processor. Way better than 888 in terms of heating and battery life. not many apps to max out 888. You should be good with 870 than 888 considering heating issues it had
2. Amazing camera for photography. All lens are good giving a consistent out put. Bit over processed but sharp and detailed.Macro is awesome. They did give some camera for sake of it. 48+13+13..Also it has both ois and eis. Also Zeiss collab doing wonders. Video is just fine. Front cam is ok no AF in front cam and can only record 1080.
3. 120 hrr
4. Not sure e3 or e4 but display is good.good brightness and usual amoled blacks and colors
5. Light weight
6.ufs 3.1
7. Fast charge 33W. If you charge a battery with 50+W it's life is going to decrease soon. Even 33 is not good. But today's life need bit fast it's ok
8. Widewine L1 and HDR support in youtube Netflix etcc
9. Battery ok
10. Headphone in box with adapter

1. Plastic frame
2. Poor haptic motor - not an issue for me
3.Mono speaker. Biggest let down
4. Vivo software/bloatware.use adb to uninstall
5. Only 2 5g bands if that matter to u
6.No ip rating
7. No 3.5 mm jack
8. Touch sampling is 240hz if it matter to u
9.AI enabled scene recognition and camera switching is not perfect
10. Funtouch os
11. Wireless charging
12.No IR blaster
13.No NFC unlike what gsm arena states

If you confused between x60 and x60 pro. Go with x60. You are paying lot more for just curved glass. Literally same.
Pro model has f/1.48 aperture compared to 1.8 on x60. Also gimbal stabilization. I have a om3 so doesn't matter. Also pro has slightly lower battery. Not worth money. You can pick up a gimbal for extra money. If you see in used market almost all curved phone has side cracking.
X60 pro plus is another level with flagship..

  • Tintumon

This phone is awesome.

Amazing camera for photography. Bit over processing but images are sharp and detailed
Good processor. 870 is better than 888 in terms of heating and battery life. There are not many apps to use horse power offered by 888
120hz refresh rate
Not sure screen is E4 I guess E3. Good amoled display.Good brightness and color

  • NS

Been using this phone for a month. Bought in Singapore @ S$779 with free gift box (leather case + usb-c thumbdrive + flask).
SD870, 12GB ram, 256GB storage. I chose this because I prefer flat screen over curved. This is the first time I am using this brand and I am quite impressed, coming from Samsung and Huawei flagships.

Funtouch OS is close to stock Android. You can uninstall almost all apps except Netflix and a few Vivo system/util apps. No ads whatsoever, big plus for me. Default apps are mostly from Google (messaging, calendar, browser, mail, album, drive, Google Pay, etc.)

Performance - System is fast and responsive, scrolling is buttery smooth. SD870 single core performance is better than SD888. Haven't really utilized the full 12GB ram yet. There's an instance it refused to charge due to high temperature but I was playing two instances of PoGo (split screen) on Turbo mode and on a sunny day while on fast-charge powerbank.

Build quality is just ok, the plastic frame doesn't really feel plastic at all, I always put casing so no issues for me.

Camera - The camera is fantastic! The Zeiss collaboration really paid off. OIS works well. Bokeh shot is solid. Night mode is on par with top flagships. I don't really need a gimbal lens as I have a few gimbal sticks collecting dust.

I'm really happy these brands are catching up. Having more choices is a win-win for consumers as it pushes competition and innovation. Happy to support secondary brands.

Well done, Vivo!

Apparently, the main update for which you should opt for Vivo X60 or X60 Pro is due to the highly efficient, Exynos 1080 (5nm) chipset.

  • The iphone is years

Davin Laksana, 06 Jun 2021I using x60 1 months . The phone is good . But now i confus... moreThe iphone is the Godfather of any phone kinds. This shouldn't even be a question

  • Anonymous

this phone has ambled while poco f3 has a super amoled wich I think is better

  • Gojulas

YUKI93, 25 May 2021I can't really understand the point of having this par... moreI chose this over the pro version because : considerably cheaper with mostly similar specs, the OIS is enough for me compared to Pro's gimbal, I prefer flat over curved screen & the battery is slightly larger (yes, only mere 100maH. But it's a cheaper phone anyway, so nothing to complain)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2021It is a Poco F3 with better camera, build and ui but with w... morewhat about the dimming issue of the screen playing a heavy online games?

  • Anonymous

An area where any performance stutters were noticed was video production, this includes recording a full HD, 60fps video with Vivo’s 5-axis “super” optical stabilisation turned on and editing footages.

  • John Marston

Davin Laksana, 06 Jun 2021I using x60 1 months . The phone is good . But now i confus... moreMy advice is just take the Vivo X60 its better future proof , better performance , and good Camera but at the end its your choice

  • Davin Laksana

I using x60 1 months . The phone is good . But now i confused . I want go back using iphone xs max . Which one i should take . X60 or xs max

  • Prince Barnala

Is this phone have infrared Blaster for Remote Control purpose (T.V., AC, LED, Other ir remote control )?

Where can i found this ir in this phone?

  • Anonymous

Since speakers aren't too good, at the end you have to use earphone which comes with the box.

this is the worst ever phone I thought I should buy. I upgraded from Asus Zenfone 5Z(8GB,256GB, SD845). this phone is nothing in comparison with my old phone except cameras. I think I made worst mistake. Internet won't work on call and it's volte. Vivo is only good for phone under 15-16k inr. I wasted 38k on this phone.