vivo X80 Pro+

vivo X80 Pro+

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  • 0mj
  • 17 Jun 2022

my galaxy not 10+ is awsome

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    • nQY
    • 11 Jun 2022

    Mr. Nobody, 18 May 2022Hmm...i dont think its gonna surpass the S22 UltraRly, it will easily do, the S22 serie is a disaster this time. Sad but true. I had 2 different S22U my self, i returned both bc of all the well known problems.

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      • Rly
      • nQY
      • 11 Jun 2022

      Anonymous, 10 Mar 2022You don't need to tell me phones have a different purp... moreYes i do like that, its no problem.
      As an example i still have my all time favorite phone as my no2 phone, the Huawei Mate 20x.
      My no1 right now is the mi 11 ultra, so i get used to big phones many years ago.
      Good for job to, nearly never use my laptop or tablet any longer because of little bigger phones.

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        • Alberto
        • MXf
        • 19 May 2022

        With the 80pro the photography is better than in S22 ultra. HDR. Night Mode.
        The best portrait
        Is worse in some stabilization modes and the zoom is not so fantastic but OK
        I would like that the 80 pro plus could have gimbal in the normal sensor 1x and with the ultrawide plus the current 2x
        Also they must have the best stabilization in the selfie...
        Praying.. and as a plus, please do a global version to sell in europe :D

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          • Vadi
          • veE
          • 18 May 2022

          Anonymous, 05 May 2022Judging by the recent release of vivo I'm predicting t... moreIm eagerly waiting to see the specs.

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            • Anonymous
            • tx0
            • 18 May 2022

            Finally Vivo using Stereo previous series always mono speakers not good

              Anonymous, 05 May 2022Judging by the recent release of vivo I'm predicting t... moreHmm...i dont think its gonna surpass the S22 Ultra

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                • Anonymous
                • akq
                • 05 May 2022

                Judging by the recent release of vivo I'm predicting this phone will be the best phone of 2022 and I can bet on it

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                  • Art
                  • nXn
                  • 03 May 2022

                  If the size is like the X70 pro+ it will be perfect for me, just hope for better quality lenses, stabilisation and raw performances, so we can edit in Photoshop, no shutterlag, don't need 100x zoom

                    If 5x sensor will be the same size as 2x, I could enjoy every five of this phone after upgrade from mine. I wish for hi res 5x tho.

                      How often does Vivo release patches/updates for their X series? Is it on monthly basis? And for how long and with how many Android versions are they going to support this device?

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                        • John
                        • YWY
                        • 27 Apr 2022

                        Smart, 05 Apr 2022Please dont talk bad about my company or where i work samsu... moreThis is called free speech !!

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                          • Animo
                          • t7y
                          • 27 Apr 2022

                          Its really simple, persons who complain about the size are people who cant afford it, their just justfying their lack of money thru problems that are not relevant

                          And with its size its still fit on pockets,
                          will still fit in bag, so it still within the limits of a Phone size so thats why its irrelevant to bring up the size

                          So piece of advice, if you cant afford it go look for something you can afford and dont go complain about youre personal problem not relevant or helpful for the phone

                          Cause the phone itself is great and will solve most app & picture needs of the modern days with its features that not all people seem to understand and appreciate

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                            • que
                            • Anf
                            • 27 Apr 2022

                            Anybody knows why they didn`t reveal this at the event? Are they waiting for the sd 8 gen 1+? Does this phone even exist? Have to make my mind whether to wait for it or just get note x fold or the upcoming mi 12 ultra

                              How about no. Welcome to capitalism.

                              Anyway. I care about the telephoto quality and especially night video/pictures and image stabilizer.

                              I could less about the size of the phone. I want the camera to work well within all lighting. The battery life second, without over heating.

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                                • Smart
                                • XBA
                                • 05 Apr 2022

                                Anonymous, 13 Mar 2022I don't care size, Cpu memory etc. it will be more the... morePlease dont talk bad about my company or where i work samsung and Apple phones is better than All phones round the World please stop killing our company customers please i beg you

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • nXn
                                  • 13 Mar 2022

                                  I don't care size, Cpu memory etc. it will be more then enough.
                                  Can I shoot in Raw and edit on a laptop in photoshop ???
                                  I want to see PICTURES made with this phone, thats why you buy this one instead of the apples and the samsungs, isn't it ????

                                    Anonymous, 11 Mar 2022The problem is not that there're bigger and bigger pho... moreDisagree here. First of all it wouldn't be practical at all in terms of battery, unless you like the SE, which, by the way, is a $400 phone that gives you less than half a day of usage. Secondly, not everyone has the money to splurge on a $2,000 PC/laptop, and even a 7-inch phone is very compact in terms of how much power it offers. I own a Nord CE 2, which is 6.43 inch (big, but small according to the trends), and I wish it was bigger. And by the way, nobody except tech snobs care about "compactness". This is why the iPhone SE doesn't sell except as a status object in value-conscious markets. It is a phone with 2017 specs (and 2022 performance).

                                      Anonymous, 10 Mar 2022You don't need to tell me phones have a different purp... moreWell actually, because of the taller aspect ratio, you could argue that they've gotten more compact in a way.

                                      However I totally agree with you. I don't have any problem with large display, but bigger phones seem to have gotten more heavier and thicker. My OnePlus 7 Pro, for example, is a very "chonky" phone. It's 8.8mm thick and weights 209g, which definitely makes it less wieldy in the hand compared to my LG V30 (7.3mm and 158g). That doesn't stop me from using the OP7Pro, but I definitely do not appreciate its heft. Feels rather awkward in the hand.

                                      This is why I have started to prefer phones such as the Motorola Edge 20 and Honor X8. They both have a 6.7" screen and yet they are very thin (7.0 & 7.5mm) and lightweight (163g & 177g). Such phones would be very easy to wield.

                                        Anonymous, 09 Mar 2022this time make it 155mm a bit smaller than predecess... moreThat's highly unlikely, as they increased the battery size. If they plan to make it smaller, by logic they would need to decrease the battery capacity.