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Recently got the X80 pro and I must say the battery life is nothing like GSM Arena described. It's actually awesome! Yesterday I left home at 8am and got back at midnight with 20% after a relatively hefty use day.
I'm running Funtouch 13 which is very, very vanilla, but since I use Nova, it makes no difference.
Overall it's a very nice phone and a wordy replacement for my legendary P30 pro... A little bit better in every way.
The fact it has great cameras, an IR Blaster and video output are invaluable to me for work.

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    • naso
    • SdG
    • 19 Sep 2022

    kenajanek, 04 May 2022An admin on tradingshenzhen stated that probably later this... moreYeah but whit Origin OS, no tnks

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      • Anonymous
      • fCL
      • 19 Sep 2022

      RAMANNA, 11 Jul 2022dial from phone dialer *#*#556688#*#* and enable the vivo d... moreThanks it's working
      Is there any trick to change mi dialler

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        • Udaya
        • DkD
        • 04 Sep 2022

        Use camera mobile phone so hot 🔥

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          • Gandalf
          • RBV
          • 01 Sep 2022

          Does vivo X80 Pro support Vitual A/B update with compression?

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            • Rv78
            • Dk7
            • 30 Aug 2022

            Not really worth the money. X70 Pro still a better choice. Just don't update the software and your good to go. Camera almost similar, good display, compact size and slightly better battery life.

              examiner, 24 Aug 2022Endurance rating: 79 hrs with 21:58 call endurance, 13:49 w... moreStandby drains maybe

                Endurance rating: 79 hrs with 21:58 call endurance, 13:49 web browsing, 14:45 video.. Honor Magic4 Pro: 82 hrs with 17:51 / 13:44 / 13:50 ... someone care to explain?

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                  • Prem bhai
                  • DkI
                  • 24 Aug 2022

                  Recently purchased X80 Pro after trading my X70 Pro.. The first thing I noticed is the camera is almost same as X70 Pro, only difference is the X80 Pro photos have little higher exposure in daylight and low light. Colour tone almost similar. The battery backup is a downgrade though, maybe software optimisation or the chipset is power hungry. But charging is fast. Sound quality is good. Not worth to upgrade if you already have X70 Pro.. The difference is minimal.

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                    • goingaround
                    • Cee
                    • 17 Aug 2022

                    Dukmaster49, 15 Aug 2022Just bought this phone, and comparing it to Xiaomi Mi 10 an... moreWhat about if u compare it with Sony Xperia 1 IV ?

                      Purchased this hp few days ago. Compare it with x70 pro already has, suprised that images fm x70 pro bit brighter while this x80 pro the images slightly dull, tried all the setting but not satisfied. Guess have to wait for any update fm vivo since x80 pro still new in the market...

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                        • Dukmaster49
                        • 3YL
                        • 15 Aug 2022

                        Just bought this phone, and comparing it to Xiaomi Mi 10 and Note 10 Pro ( the one with good optics and lenses ).

                        I have to say overall during daylight detail is far worse, in general, overall i have to say the vivo has a bit more of texture all over the photo but that's all.>

                        Low light, quite disappointed, i still see some flare from lights almost as much as this xiaomi are doing, where is the coating suposed to help? i'm starting to think the review units are the only ones that had that coating.

                        And last but not least camera software is unstable, sometimes pictures came out good, other times washed out, other times with high iso noise, other times uses the macro mode for a normal picture for no reason then the picture of course (cropped ) comes out with waay less detail.

                        Quite disappointed to not have a flagship experience for such expensive phone 1200 eur here in spain, i will keep it to see if the software updates fixes it, but if they don't well no more vivo anymore.

                        Xiaomi, Samsung or Apple are the way to go i guess....

                        Which by the way, camera does not even detect QR Codes like xiaomi do, quite annoying that i have once again to download a third party app to do so.

                        1200 eur phone, that also does not protect our eyes, the PWM for dimming in this thing is above 350hz if my calculations are not wrong, but does not offer any DC dimming option like the Mi 10 or Mi note 10 Pro, so i'm out on my luck, the Mi note 10 withouth the DC Dimming flickers at 215hz, that fucking destroy my brain and eyes, the Mi 10 for example around 360 still easy on my eyes but after a while and on dark enviroments where it gets around 250-300 it produces the same effect, so i have to use extra-dim to keep the brightness above 50% or use dc dimming which modify a bit colors at low brightness...

                        Anyway i feel like vivo is not still up to the big ones, to go asking 1200€ for a flagship.

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                          • TMN
                          • xhn
                          • 13 Aug 2022

                          Nalsenai, 18 Jul 2022When will be realised vivo X80 Pro PLUS? I hope batteries l... moreWe'll see the pro plus variant in end of the year (rumor)

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                            • Sin
                            • 7xv
                            • 07 Aug 2022

                            vivo x80 pro

                            I wish vivo made a gaming phone version of this with bezels cooling fan gaming buttons much more ram dual changing ports would like dual headphone jack if possible and MediaTek Dimensity 9000 (4 nm)

                            Ever phone made with flagship MediaTek processors lack cooling and has gamer unfriendly hole punch in screen and is not a gaming phone and performance suffer from lack of cooling and system ram

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                              • ProUser
                              • QCN
                              • 05 Aug 2022

                              Ali dager, 01 Aug 2022Does it have a feature to answer calls by ear?No, only able to use mouth to answer the call

                                Ankareth, 29 Jul 2022It's possible to set a charge threshold for keeping ba... moreYou can use Accubattery, an app that will notify you when the charge reaches a determined percentage, and also track your battery usage & health well.

                                  Since when has 50mm been a Tele focal length?

                                    Does it have a feature to answer calls by ear?

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                                      • Ankareth
                                      • 3{R
                                      • 29 Jul 2022

                                      It's possible to set a charge threshold for keeping battery health? Like don't charge more than 80/90%?

                                        When will be realised vivo X80 Pro PLUS? I hope batteries life endurance rating will be no less than 100 hours.