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  • Aziro
  • CGH
  • 07 Apr 2020

Pls am in Ghana and am using x520L which the goggle system is not working, always notify me that the google play service has stop, Play store is not working either. Please help me fix it.

    Wow, this phone was really high spec'd at the time!

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      • Daymo
      • mx{
      • 16 Sep 2018

      Loved this phone back in 2013. Only downside is that Living in the UK apps such as google would not work. Great speakers.

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        • AnonD-746321
        • tug
        • 21 Mar 2018

        Hi everyone vivo lovers,im using samsung J2 PRIME and i have same problem with suffience storage and i think to swap my samsung to this x5s hpone,anyway after i read all off comment at this site it make me sad&poor to have 1vivo phone i afraid if i has done swap to this phone i already have same problem and it did'nt solve anyway.before i the one oppo user and i used oppo F1s after a year i used oppo phone it never made me dissapointed and hangs,bcoz oppo internal storage much2

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          • Primeboys_84
          • tug
          • 21 Mar 2018

          firdaus, 27 Nov 2014in malaysia, this phone cost about RM1800++...very good dis... moreI thinks this phone price is to much if want to compare all software vivo x5s and if they fix storage problem and software it will be fair to buy this phone,fyi i used samsung j2prime only if want to compare it samsung more 2step forward and the price is only about 5++ and i dont regret if my phone got storage problem because it fair to me if i compare my phone price and untill now i dont get hangs using this phone event i downlowd many game&apps.only insuffience storage problem but i can solve that problem anytime.if vivo has done fix the x5s storage&software i think i will buy this x5s phone one day,the picture&sound system at x5s phone so perfect&nice i give 3star to x5s phone.

            I love the display which is the first 2K display in the world. The sound quality is perfect. But won't worth now. I sell it now.

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              • Anonymous
              • HjB
              • 13 Nov 2016

              aFBo, 10 Aug 2016Anyone can download pokenon go yet?Android 4.4.4 and above only. This phone stuck in Jellybean.

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                • Yana
                • HjB
                • 18 Oct 2016

                Someone please help me, I am using this phone, why suddenly I can't do video call .. so sad.. :(

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                  • Maria
                  • NwI
                  • 05 Oct 2016

                  Danny, 03 Jan 2016This phone is sucks! I am using vivo xplay 3s with version ... moreHey can you help...the backspace and home menus are not in Tanzania.nice phone though

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                    • Tito
                    • UNB
                    • 23 Sep 2016

                    AnonD-570128, 09 Aug 2016 Download from... moreStill dont make any solution " storage insufficient". I think they dont care about their flagship phone, still got more money if they sell middle phone like vivo v3. they fix this problem on their new model, but not vivo Xplay 3s.

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                      • aFBo
                      • vV5
                      • 10 Aug 2016

                      Anyone can download pokenon go yet?

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                        • AnonD-570128
                        • uCp
                        • 09 Aug 2016

                        AnonD-558913, 11 Jul 2016where u download it ? my phone so latest version .. but only 4.3

                        Download from this website , select firmware upgrades, then download the link name
                        "Xplay3S upgrade package PD1303F_EX_A_3.7.7 ONLY for Thailand Malaysia Indonesia version phones"
                        Language:Multi Language

                        Download it in your phone
                        It has 1gb so u need to wait
                        When it done, open your download folder and click it, select upgrade now or yes something like this i forgot, then just wait and u will get your 4.4.2 android version and Funtouch OS 2.0

                        Hope this can help all the xplay 3s users because i think this phone cant improve anymore

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                          • AnonD-558913
                          • IVE
                          • 11 Jul 2016

                          Syaizandzulkarnain, 25 Jun 20164.4.2 is the new versionwhere u download it ? my phone so latest version .. but only 4.3

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                            • AnonD-557638
                            • tZ4
                            • 07 Jul 2016

                            iLham lover$, 16 May 2016Not app video calljust download the app from play store...tq

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                              • AnonD-557638
                              • tZj
                              • 07 Jul 2016

                              overall rating is it's a perfect mid range must handle the issue of fingerprint scanner demo?,no external storage and led flash for front camera....nice model VIVO...just keep it up!!!

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                                • Syaizandzulkarnain
                                • tug
                                • 25 Jun 2016

                                NeonHD, 13 Mar 2016Yeah I guess they abandoned support for this phone, but non... more4.4.2 is the new version

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • vkS
                                  • 17 Jun 2016

                                  vivo lover to hater, 26 Mar 2016This phone features 32gb storage but its only allows 6gb sy... moreGo to settings > more settings > applications > preferred install location. Then select 'phone storage'.

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                                    • iLham lover$
                                    • tDT
                                    • 16 May 2016

                                    Not app video call

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Nx5
                                      • 30 Apr 2016

                                      This was/is the most incredible phone I've ever owned. It's speakers are unbelievable. Unfortunately, the Xplay 5 can't even touch the 3s. The display is smaller, and the speakers are at the bottom end of the phone right next to each other.

                                      You really screwed up, Vivo. You made the perfect phone in the 3s, but instead of an upgrade, you took 2 steps back with the Xplay 5.

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                                        • vivo lover to hater
                                        • tVv
                                        • 26 Mar 2016

                                        This phone features 32gb storage but its only allows 6gb system storage for apps installation. With android OS & preload vivo apps its left only around 1.5gb to install others apps. its doesn't help much even I had move all movable apps to phone storage. I have 20Gb unused phone storage but I m facing storage full pop up message every few seconds and cant operate the phone unless "format". I complaint to vivo service center but they said they is no solution for this "old flagship" model, but only will upgrade the firmware to solve this issue for newer model....
                                        I am a user from Malaysia, I feel like I'm owning a sport car but only able to drive 60 km/h and no anybody can repair my car. I don't see any hope for this brand to be grow in here if they ignore about this serious issue (I am buying their Flagship model bro!!).