vivo Xplay5 Elite

vivo Xplay5 Elite

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  • dirty.mikee
  • PT}
  • 23 Aug 2016

when they want to release it in the philippines

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    • Anonymous
    • IAc
    • 17 Aug 2016

    Where can I buy this phone for use in California?

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      • drahcir
      • 0Ck
      • 16 Aug 2016

      peejay, 08 Aug 2016where can I buy this phone in the Philippines??not yet available in Philippines

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        • peejay
        • atx
        • 08 Aug 2016

        where can I buy this phone in the Philippines??

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          • AnonD-565214
          • 2Bj
          • 27 Jul 2016

          plz send the vr players with the mobile

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            • anonymous
            • tuf
            • 24 Jul 2016

            Lemon, 10 Jun 2016In this smartphone era I only trust few china brand that re... morePlease give me one of your phone...:-)

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              • Anonymous
              • ijs
              • 23 Jul 2016

              123456, 18 Jul 2016I hope it will come to BruneiI know right..

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                • 123456
                • XMk
                • 18 Jul 2016

                I hope it will come to Brunei

                  IPhone met Galaxy edge and they got a baby - xplay 5 Elite.

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                    • AnonD-554458
                    • 61x
                    • 29 Jun 2016

                    hopefully this phone will sell in south east asia countries

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                      • AnonD-135230
                      • 4m1
                      • 28 Jun 2016

                      .., 28 Jun 2016((sorry, I replied to the wrong post earlier :D )) I am... moreWhen you download a application/game, and notice RAM is gone right away before opening, that's because the Play Store (or whatever application you use to install apps) just used some RAM to download the application/game, then the Android system used some RAM to install the application/game. The application/game itself does not use RAM until it's actually used. RAM is used to run applications/games, not store them.

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                        • AnonD-135230
                        • 4m1
                        • 28 Jun 2016

                        .., 28 Jun 2016((sorry, I replied to the wrong post earlier :D )) I am... moreRAM is used by open applications. SO, if you download a game, when you use it it eats RAM. If you don't properly close the game, it continues to eat RAM. There are certain applications, like Facebook, that eat RAM all the time because it runs in the background. The more RAM you have, the more applications you can run at once without slowing your device down.

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                          • UD{
                          • 28 Jun 2016

                          AnonD-135230, 17 Mar 2016And I said 2GB RAM, not ROM. Storage (ROM) is different than RAM.((sorry, I replied to the wrong post earlier :D ))

                          I am actually not that tech savy but I just noticed, when I actually download games or any app on my phone (which is not a vivo phone) it actually eats up my RAM.

                          My phone specs shows I have 1GB RAM and everytime I download something, it takes away some MB from my RAM. So I believe this 6GB phone is for those users who wants or maybe NEEDS to download a lot of apps on their phone (maybe gamers, businessmen, etc.)

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 6XU
                            • 26 Jun 2016

                            AnonD-160084, 07 Jun 2016Yes, It has highest Benchmark. :)Benchmark and real life performance are different things. Samsung phones has high benchmark but will lag after few months. But there are many phones with lower benchmark score and they never lag.

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                              • imho
                              • 61U
                              • 26 Jun 2016

                              i want to buy this phone after watching captain america, yeah... its a chinese phone, but who care? since chinese phone quality is getting better and branded phone seems lost in market track!

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                                • AnonD-552335
                                • KRV
                                • 23 Jun 2016

                                hahahaha, 30 May 2016it is very painful for you ha? to know that everybody can h... moreI do support u. Well... before this i'm using samsung s6. when i'm playing games and it hang. most of time it stuck.when I buy second phone vivoxplay3s that release on 2013 it never stuck! I do believe this one more better...

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                                  • hussain mahmood
                                  • Hxd
                                  • 22 Jun 2016

                                  If someone knows where to buy vivo xplay5 elite in U.A.E let me know please! Thank you

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                                    • AnonD-550945
                                    • bxd
                                    • 20 Jun 2016

                                    ??? s7 edge is cheaper than this at my place...
                                    will check on meizu or xiaomi... moveon

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • qGt
                                      • 18 Jun 2016

                                      Nice copy of the galaxy s6 edge + with edge 7 spec's. It seem's they can't desingn phone's on there own. Samsung should sue them.

                                        Lemon, 10 Jun 2016In this smartphone era I only trust few china brand that re... moreyou should try meizu phones too....
                                        specially its flagship line-up