vivo Y11 (2019)

vivo Y11 (2019)

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  • Anonymous
  • x{6
  • 01 Mar 2024

been using about 4 years and still working but its super delay now and i just bought tecno pova 5 pro

    3sboavc27exh, 29 Jan 2024theres no way a 12nm chip phone would last 2 days regular useSpoiler. It doesn't. But somehow my dad who works as a professor used it for 2 YEARS until it literally SPLIT INTO 2

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      • 3sboavc27exh
      • R5v
      • 29 Jan 2024

      nekohime1303, 24 Jan 2024Still use this phone as a spare phone. The screen is durabl... moretheres no way a 12nm chip phone would last 2 days regular use

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        • nekohime1303
        • tZj
        • 24 Jan 2024

        Still use this phone as a spare phone. The screen is durable than my current phone, RealMe 7 5G. Eventhough the phone fall down, the screen doesn't crack at all. I love how long the battery can last like 2 days without charging. But now can't play much games like MLBB cause how lagging it could be. But phone daily use is okay.

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          • Jotaro Kujo
          • Tit
          • 15 Jan 2024

          I got this phone since Dec 2019. Until now, its still working fine and still able to play some high demanding games like Pokemon Masters Ex, Shadow Fight 3, Real Racing 3 & Mario Kart with very few lags. For an old phone, it still packs a punch! The battery is also good, takes a qhole day to drain it to 1%. For a 3gb 32gb rom phone, it is astonishing. Also my phone got updated to android 11, so good job Vivo!

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            • Lapu
            • t7S
            • 02 Jan 2024

            This phone is good but rn its not advisable for gaming and stuff cause apps rn are high demand but this phone is ideal for daily use!

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              • Anonymous
              • th2
              • 28 Dec 2023

              This phone is where I start my prime, it was amazing until it broke i was sad but it still work somehow in the few months I can't open my phone I was crying at little bit about my old phone, here's my review. 8/10 good for gaming in 2020/2023 until it didn't able to hold some gb

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                • Vicente24
                • wYx
                • 14 Dec 2023

                I bought this phone on December 26, 2020, it's still working fine like brand new, the only problem I encounter is sometimes it can't read data even though the SD card is still there, I just unmount and mount the SD card and worked fine again.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 7Xn
                  • 07 Dec 2023

                  you have to suffer, 16 Jan 2023they expect snapdragon 439 to run heavy games like 8 gen 2🙄🙄they are not joking that true it can run heavy gameslike modern warship long hours except second hand original y11(2019) can absolutly run while my realme 5 snapdragon 665 just freeze after 3-4 games while y11 no heat (android 11) im jelos to my brother thats wierd

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                    • Anonymous
                    • sxr
                    • 06 Dec 2023

                    I told my friend how I abused my phone and she ended up asking me if it was snapdragon. I used to game for days on end with my vivo. My games were actual mobile games. At first I tried genshin but it was no good after the flight test so I guess that was too much lol. What actually broke my phone was when I dropped it on concrete stairs. The screen went crazy clicking on that one corner.

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                      • Paolo
                      • XRg
                      • 28 Nov 2023

                      Anonymous, 10 Oct 2023vivo y11 is already upgraded to android 11, vivo Y11 is my phone

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                        • Markus kilatz
                        • y6V
                        • 25 Oct 2023

                        I bought this in Dec .2019 it's been 4years and still good, but i notice it after 1 year it's kinda bit laggy and the phone heating so fast like wtf . But the battery life nothing change and no problem , I'm using this phone while charging. And the problem of this phone is the LCD you now what i mean 👌

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                          • J.Bag
                          • I@H
                          • 20 Oct 2023

                          not really ideal for long plays bec. It heats up crazy fast and it can be as hot as a flat iron + it reaches to a certain point that it even auto closes apps and sometimes it lags the whole device... It is hard to multi-task...

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                            • hi
                            • 7Xq
                            • 16 Oct 2023

                            Anonymous, 28 Sep 2023I don't really think that it plays codm welltry reseting your phone, like deleteng all datas but your accounts will stay

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                              • KYS
                              • KgV
                              • 14 Oct 2023

                              Been using this since 2020, it's a decent phone. Not bad but not so good.

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                                • Daniel Torres
                                • xCB
                                • 11 Oct 2023

                                Been have this since 2019. Its really a great phone. But now after using this for more than 4yrs, Its not doing really great. Battery goes down really fast. You cant even play games anymore, Even in tiktok its so laggy. Yes i know this is an affordable and cheap phone. Overall, its really a great phone but not for very long use.

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                                  • maksue
                                  • I@H
                                  • 10 Oct 2023

                                  still using my vivo y11 now. which I bought back in 2019. still works fine.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • xPP
                                    • 10 Oct 2023

                                    vivo y11 is already upgraded to android 11,

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                                      • XD
                                      • t7x
                                      • 30 Sep 2023

                                      matt, 28 Sep 2023of course it's a 2019 budget phone. what do you expect... moreLMAO

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • K5g
                                        • 28 Sep 2023

                                        Bon, 31 May 2023This is actually great for light usage despite that this ph... moreI don't really think that it plays codm well