vivo Y12a

vivo Y12a

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  • Donya Buding

I love vivo! This is my 4th time to buy a vivo phone.. Satisfied and happy user of vivo thank you😊

  • Zul

Yes I like it.. Because my drone can connect to this phone.. It have a nice price. Wifi 802.11a/b/g/c/ac

  • The gamer

This phone is good for gaming but after using this for 2 months I face some bugs only 2 months and in near future idk what will happen but battery life is huge camera not the best but not worse in my opinion buy this phone if you don't have enough money for cooler phone but if you have money don't buy it buy expensive one good luck!

Lol such An outdated processor

This is just a refreshed Y11 2019.

Chipset sucks🤢

  • Sayyed imran Ali

Mohid, 06 Aug 2021Can anyone tell about its working please? Y12A All is best but Decent...( average) But Camera, Battery & Design Shape is Best


Anonymous, 08 Aug 2021Shares the same sd439 as the redmi 8 which I daily drive an... morei love vivo

  • Anonymous

Shares the same sd439 as the redmi 8 which I daily drive and I can safely say that if ur gonna game on this with 3 GB of ram, ur gonna experience a ton of lag on even games such as Growtopia.

I mean this is my opinion based off the soc of this thing, so I don't know whether Vivo has a UI more optimised compared to miui.

  • Mohid

Can anyone tell about its working please? Y12A

  • Anonymous

this is just a remake of vivo y11

  • Boooggeeey

How to make a joke? Make a vivo phone

  • Anonymous

all phone are in same shape, same design, no change,, we will see after 1yr they are releasing same design phone which was launched one yr before...

This phone should have launched 2 years ago

Micro USB,, puuiihhhh

  • Hamad

There is no change in vivo models..Every year making same shape same design..nothing new ..