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vivo Y17

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020Bad cameraSame problem i need

  • fitzandrew

Still okay after using for almost 2 years
Not bad for watching YouTube, movie etc..
For gaming is still fine but need setting low quality display for game like world of tank or life after..
For Genshin Impact better find other high spec phone.

  • Raj

i used this phone for a long time but no problem found .

  • Anonymous

i use this phone,the battery life is amazing and the cameras are pretty good

  • Anonymous

I order in Lazada vivo y11,then to the point the items arrive /deliver.sad to say that the items vivo y17...upon installing some apps...(system not supported.i have now this doubt-- is it possible the items i recieve was fake? And one more thing is very slow in opening some apps.the charger is in damage.connot be use it.
Im just wondering,why Lazada is having this kinds of seller not to take seriously for online orfers.
Nakakadala...better to return...

  • Chandra

I buy vivo y17 few months ago, selfie camera can't. Open ,sent to service center then later ok ready,after few month now came back same problem ,any suggestions..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2020Bad cameraMaybe the one you bought was fake :-P

  • Anonymous

Ahmmedoc , 25 Jun 2020Will vivo Y17 support android 10? Y series of vivo isn't supported of any android upgrades. Only the V series

Love it been using it since it came out good camera, huge battery (5000mAh), really good fast charging (of course), super fast finger print, also super fast face unlock (also works in the dark, somehow?), I know its only ips hd+ but its a really good display, and I know some people take it for granted but it has a really good cellular receiver, and the pièce de résistance a headphone jack.

There are a few cons about it like because of the huge battery it's a thick boi!!! and though the speaker is loud it's quite distorted

  • Ahmmedoc

Will vivo Y17 support android 10?

  • Sudan

Super mobile. No complaints still I'm using for one year. camera quality is stunning in day time. Awesome 👍 battery life. Decent hd+ display. Fast charging support. Any phone depends on its maintenance 😊

  • Yo

Anonymous, 22 May 2020Y17 is always the best broZ1 pro is way, way better!!!

  • Anonymous

sini, 16 Mar 2020guys pls help me, which one is better Y17 or Z1 pro ?Y17 is always the best bro

  • Jpadro

How to on option seting fast charging vivo y17.

  • Ayub

sini, 16 Mar 2020guys pls help me, which one is better Y17 or Z1 pro ?Not sure but i think z1pro is better

  • Anonymous

Sri Ningsih, 14 Sep 2019I really dissapointed with VIVO Y17 because camera selfie i... moreBad camera


sini, 16 Mar 2020guys pls help me, which one is better Y17 or Z1 pro ?Vivo y17 is very poor. Operating system is so slow

  • sini

guys pls help me, which one is better Y17 or Z1 pro ?

  • Plocky

So far so good ! I love the battery life, its long lasting. I think the maintenance was depends on the user but the specs and quality of the product is amazing!!!!

  • Kay zack

My vivo Y17, after a few months of using this gadget, the problem occurs that it is unable to call out and call in.. The bar shows sim card error or network error. After reformat factory reset, the same problem still occurs.
Is there anybody experiences the same?