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Aweskings, 15 Sep 2020You no sabi anything for phone Big disapointment😢
I save money for that fone i bought april 7 2020 now is not working😢😢

Megha , 11 Sep 2020Seriously I hate this phone ...I curse my slf why I choos t... moreYou no sabi anything for phone

  • Amit chouhan

Megha , 11 Sep 2020Seriously I hate this phone ...I curse my slf why I choos t... moreSame here I didn't buy it but my parents gave me this on my birthday I thought it's a new varient so it would be on YouTube and when I saw the all issues in this I'm so disappointed because it has no Fhd display in 15000 and even a slow charger 10w siriously??
And even worse this is the selfie camera the front camera is good but the selfie camera is very disappointing it's made of plastick, it has no gorilla glass and it's quiet heavy in hand, and the gaming experience is on an angry level because I can oly play pubg or cod in low and medium settings
I want to ask vivo that why did you make this mobile?? Just to earn money I can say that this mobile costs only 7000-9000 not worth in the advertisement of official vivo page it's says it has night mode (camera mode) but do you know what you got ?? Only a f*cking useless camera mode without night mode I think vivo forgot that April month is gone 😠😠.
So at last I just want to say it's a good mobile in 15000 enyone wants to waste your money in this so call me I'm selling this in 14500 because I used it 1 month
BUT WAIT when I play games like pubg in high settings (with GFX tool) it's batery start draining faster ...... In 2 hours of gaming batery drains 30 percentage is that normal??
But but but I'm saying that I love this mobile when it's not on gaming because batery backup is about 32 hours and 17 minutes only used -- YouTube ,camera, music, videos, instagram, Facebook, whatsapp and some necessary apps good job at batery but need a fast charger you motherfucker vivo and yes I forgot a one last this this mobile came with lcd screen which consumes more power than amoled display
I think this mobile was made in 2016 and lounched now
But why I am saying this about vivo because oppo has also done something like this by lounching oppo A53 but that mobile have a 90hz screen refresh rate 😠😠😠
At last I just want to say that my parents have wasted theri money for me and I'm just a 17 year old kid so I can't say anything because this mobile now can't be exchanged good by ...

  • Megha

Mebin, 16 Aug 2020It's a good phone but the price is little high and the... moreSeriously I hate this phone ...I curse my slf why I choos the bludy bullshitt phone . ...verrry bad front camera quality always getting off wifi connection automatically with in a one minut even , n not too gud voice quality also ... I kindly humblly suggest to all guys don't buy this phone not even think it to butt .. MI phones sound n camara quality n even price also verry verry gud bter than this cheep y30 .. it's only complicated one week n I m facing all this problems within a week ... I hate it I hatttttttttttttttttttttttttte it allot😡😡🤬😠

  • Ike

Me, 09 Sep 2020VIVO Y30 NOT RECOMEND.. It's not worth it with back ... moreI like it too much

  • Me

It's not worth it with back camera 13 + 8 + 2 + 2 mp and front camera 8 mp, no slowmo.. Only 4gb ram with rm899 price?? Y15 better than Y30..Y15 Rm599 with 16mp and slowmo too.. I prefer redmi note 9s rm899 with 8gb ram 128gb internet storage and good camera, no lagging.. Same price but redmi note 9s better than Y30.. Y30 should be sale under rm699 price, rm899 its too expensive (with cheap spec)

parvaj, 02 Sep 2020vivo should have given y30 a snapdragon chip and 48mp back ... moreOppo A52 is already good for its price segment. Y30 is so meh

  • Anonymous

Vivo y30 is used volte explained complete and how to used volte?

  • Lambeke

Seriously Helio P35? I'll go to realme and redmi

  • Rajathiraja

Still using 720 pixel.. y don't u give fullhd for this cost. Utter waste.

  • parvaj

vivo should have given y30 a snapdragon chip and 48mp back camera. but over all iam using it and it gives good parformence .i should have goone for oppo a52 or redmi note 9s

  • Akash

Its game performance is poor that its lagging

  • Anonymous

Jerkin, 16 Aug 2020Over prize , i'm prefer redmi 9 than this thingat least the build and design isn't bad

  • Aashath

This phone is very well not hear waste negative opinion so phone is very nice

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2020You should never by Vivo, if you want an Android, buy Samsu... moreU know nothing about phone

  • Me me

Mebin, 16 Aug 2020It's a good phone but the price is little high and the... moreTry exploring ultra game mode settings. There's an option to disable automatic wifi connection while playing games

  • Anonymous

I've been using this phone for a week and here's what I think I'll give scores for this 15k phone segment.

In the box you get the PHONE itself Manuel a 5v charger and a c-type usb cable.

It's a good looking phone to look and hold its surprising feels lighter than vivo y15...for the price you get plastic body but it's a 9 out of 10 for me.

13 MP main and 8 MP wide camera is a 8/10 it struggles in low light photography but works just fine.

The 8 MP front camera is a 7/10 for me .

And yeah Macro camera is just pain in the bum sometimes that's a 4/10 it doesn't have auto focus but hey remember it's a 15k phone.

Look I do know other companies offer 48 MP cameras for this price segment but those by default take 12 MP pictures and yeah you can take a 48 MP photo but there are disadvantages to it.

Software and Performance
You get almost 2gb of free ram and the prosessor handles the tasks just fine. For this price you can get a 128 GB of emmc 5.1 storage .

It runs on Android 10 based os and oh boy it is a step up from other vivo phones. You can acess everything on notification bar and thers no bottom function drawer (I hope that's what it's called) and the os is optimised very well.

I live in a kinda remote location where network is not that great but I didn't experience any network related problems either.

GPU is minimalistic You can play almost every game with low - medium settings.

I suppose all vivo phone now comes with ultra game mode it's quite useful and I didn't experience hardware lag while playing.

Look you can get a 64 GB ufs2.1 storage in other phones for this price and a Snapdragon 720g but that's still few months away atleast for now.

That's a 7/10 from me

The phone lasted whole day with auto brightness with few hours of gaming overall 12 hours of screentime. It'll last 6 hours just on gaming. It'll last atleast 2 whole day on low power mode.

The phone takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge.

The speakers are fairly loud. And is located at the bottom

I'd give this phone 7/10 overall for this price segment.

It's not bad but you could get better.its a good phone with a large storage good camera and mediocre performance.

  • Ck

Battery quikly drain

  • Jerkin

Over prize , i'm prefer redmi 9 than this thing

  • Mebin

It's a good phone but the price is little high and there are problems with the wifi connectivity. Wifi connection automatically off when playing pubg,l don't know the reason for that. The back camera is ok but the front camera is bad.