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  • soo

why the phone is hot even i am not using?

  • blank

I'm worried about the battery endurance though. Does anyone have a good experience with the past vivo unremovable battery in the past? I hope this battery can last long years!

  • AnonD-509119

own, 25 Feb 2016How long the battery can last.pretty long. charged it 100% in the morning when i want to go out, used it to listen to music, surf internet, and taking picture, still got around 50-40% at night. i usually charge the phone 1 time only in 1 day

  • AnonD-509119

been using this phone for almost 2 months and its still kicking! love it so much. easy to use, the camera are awesome and pretty fast connection even though i got only little signal for wifi

  • own

How long the battery can last.

  • Chammy

I love this phone but being new to mobiles I am having difficulty answering it, can someone tell me the best way to answer this phone.


  • Wufang

Been using Vivi Y37 for 5days and so far there is no problem to me. It's great!!

  • Izzul

amy, 28 Jan 2016The worse phone that i ever have (y37)..after a week using it, i... moreYep.same goes to me.only for one day the sensor was problem

  • amy

The worse phone that i ever have (y37)..after a week using it, it always using only basic gaming, no music & no video...feel like want to trough it to their promoter faces

  • sym

Y37 does not support OTG

  • Anonymous

SMARTER PERSON, 22 Nov 2015Hey guys, have any problem when using this phone?? Can we transf... moreCan, new lollipop version already solve all of the storage problemÂ…Â…

  • Anonymous

gaming is not very well

  • Jungyoo

Idk what should i buy, vivo y37 or samsung galaxy j7. Any suggestion about the difference? Tq

  • AnonD-472432

Is it really yamaha dedicated dac chip or amp or both?
I can't find this information from spec. Where are your source of this information? I'm considering to to buy either Y37 or X5. Thank you.


Hey guys, have any problem when using this phone?? Can we transfer anything file to Micro SD Card especially our Music, picture and another else.. because I already read a comment about vivo X5 Pro, have a lot of people give their opinion for that phone, so overall I saw have something still not okay about their internal memory because can't moved any files from internal to SD card so that means we just only can use internal only.. so I still confused, what the function of the Sd card if can't moved to SD Card directly from the phone and one more thing about the moved their file, we must transfer to the laptop first and than we can move to SD Card, so that are wasted our time. Can anyone explain to me about this mobile smartphone Y37 are happened the same problem like X5Pro or not?

  • AnonD-467770

wow this stunning smartphone.. i have using y22,y31,y35, and now y37.. dual yamaha sound is fantastic ..

  • Raj

ranjeet, 30 Aug 2015amezing feature Hi, Vivo Y37 display is 5.5" but dimensions given are WRONG. do corrections

  • Anonymous

ranjeet, 30 Aug 2015amezing feature best mobil

  • ranjeet

amezing feature