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  • AnonD-199849

Actually i"m VIVO Y51user,the (VIVO Y51 8MP)photo is clear & colourful compare with my other phone 13MP....

  • rain len

Guy's could any one just tell me how make a video call on vivo 51L please.

  • Raviraj

AnonD-558539, 10 Jul 2016I have purchased vivo y51l on Monday but on Wednesday I feel som... moreVovi mobile phone... Is good.
But camera and screen Px. Is very very bad..
Guy's don't purchase vivo phone....
Be careful...

  • mihir

Can anyone please help me that how I can turn off the gesture of zoom in by triple tap

  • AnonD-561023

i have purchaged this mobile at lot mobiles. not at online. dt. 5.5.16 till no major issues. i think online purchaged mobiles are selled with some major issues and low price. this mobile have great software features. like visitor mode, i manager etc..

  • rrfi-mizo

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2016sir plzzz help me where is rotation in this phone i love vivo

  • Anonymous

As soon as net is on mobile gets heated why this problems is occuring. Plz help me and battery does not last longer.. ....

  • pradeep yadav

I brought vivo y51L before a month and now my speaker is not working so i m feeling trouble for listen to any song so what to do plz help me plz plz plz ?

  • AnonD-559372

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2016Pls help. I want to make a circular slidibg screen activated but... moreIn i-Theme setting, you can find it.

  • Pravin Kokadwar

I bought vivo Y51L some 15-20 days back, the phone get rebooted(restarted) automatically also while I was driving not able to pick the call as reboot issue. Also not able to make or receive a call when there are air blowing surround..kindly don't but any vivo device any more..really bad experience

  • mahendra mandloi

Vivo y51l very best phone..

  • AnonD-558539

I suggest to all your don't buy this device at the same price you will experience better which Lenovo K3 note.

  • AnonD-558539

Dhritiraj , 09 Jul 2016Where is the video call facility in this vivo y51l ?Friend I have also but the same device and I am facing the same problem I suggest to all friends that don't buy any Vivo device.

  • AnonD-558539

I have purchased vivo y51l on Monday but on Wednesday I feel some issue in the device after capturing a photo, photo is not saved. Then I formatted the device after sometime when device is switch on I feel that the issue is solved but after few hours I face the same problem then I change the storage location from SD card to phone storage now the phone problem is solved .but I don't know when I face the same problem. I suggest you don't buy any Vivo device.

  • Ashutosh

D, 09 Jul 2016Hello! I have some questions --- ---- 1: This vivo y51l didn'... moreMy vivo y51l has a camera issue it capture's photo but it does not saves it .vivo is nothing accept a cheater mobile company.I hate vivo.

  • divyanshu patil

i had purchased vivo y51l before 2 month nd i m totally in favour of this phone its features r amazing but i m not satisfied by the battery but other features r good.

  • D

Hello! I have some questions ---
---- 1: This vivo y51l didn't support S-view filpcover.Why?
2: When it will get marshmallow update?
3:Please, add some beautiful cool features to new update?
4:Sometimes my mobile switch off automatically when I
am seeing video by plugging OTG cable.why?

  • Dhritiraj

Where is the video call facility in this vivo y51l ?

  • Deep chokshi

A third class service of vivo. They only replace things no repairs. I have Y51L.Before 2 months some how my phone fall in water then I went to main service center of ahmedabad they said mother board has to be changed but I went back then phone was operating without any problem. But on this Sunday my phone switched off automatically so I went there again and they r saying the same. But when I went to other shop of repairing they said only software updation is phone is under gurranty period so I went there but they r saying they only replace no repairing at this service I will suggest you not to buy any vivo phone. They dnt repair any thing they just replace and the replace value is 80% of the phone.

  • Vishal

This phone seems to b very good.... Everything is awesome... But I guess the battery is discharging at a faster rate.... For every 5 mins of use the battery decreases by 1 percent... Otherwise it really awesome with 2 softwares....