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  • Ray214

After 3yrs of using vivo y53 there are times That my phone was blackout.. The screen is malfunction.. Hard to often properly.. And now it was totally black out.. Pls help me how to fix it..

  • I like helping

Kinleytzin, 05 Apr 2019Someone help! I was playing pubg mobile while charging and now i... moreI think your spoiling your shouldnt play a big app like PUBG whilst your charging your phone. Your spoiling the battery

  • Anonymous

update update.. eat my space urghhhhhhhhhhh not enough 16 gb

  • Anonymous

My phone is totally dead . can't switch on the phone can't understand what's the problem?

  • chidambaram

Since 2017 i m using this phone, it still works smoothly. but the only problem i m facing is "the internal storage". it has 16 gb rom but i m unable to use atleast 10 gb of it. It provides only 4 to 5 gb internal memory to me......

  • Nagaraj

I bought my vivo y53 ....2years over....Nw it's not working properly ....I want to exchange sis mobile....What is da ...solition

  • No one

I need help! Whenever I open my phone it always display this message " Process system not working. Do you want to close it?" I tried the system repair mode but nothing happened as well as the wipe cache partition. I do not want to choose wipe data for there are lots of important docs stored in my phone.

  • Rose

My vivo phone y53 dont have signal anymore.I dont know why this happened.any one could help me how to solve this issue?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2019Can i put 32gb memory card?Yes im use 64GB

  • Anonymous

Can i put 32gb memory card?

  • Anonymous

Kinleytzin, 05 Apr 2019Someone help! I was playing pubg mobile while charging and now i... moreIt is shutting down. try lowering your graphics settings from medium to low wouldn't make a big difference
from a vivo y53

  • Bert

Zack, 22 Jul 2018Hi. I have used my vivo y53 for 1 year and 2 months. In particul... moreGive me very good advice for what I do to my storage.. I want play pubg mobile but i dont have space..

  • Anonymous

my y53 got 3900mah batter =)

  • Kinleytzin

Someone help! I was playing pubg mobile while charging and now it keeps showing 'Vivo Camera & Music'

  • Rajendra R Nikam

hi friends i am using y53 from July 2017 it's been one and a half year it has a very powerful processor qualcomm snapdragon 425, also we can expand phone memory up-to 256 GB via memory card. It has a great 8 megapixel rear camera which can take ultra HD photos. I recommend this phone for gaming and photography. You can buy vivo genuine accessories and enrich your experience

  • supasaiyajin

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2019It has been an year I have purchased this VIVO Y53. The issues I... moreTrue, whenever you go home or open another app, it would restart by itself. And the battery life is depreciating.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for a year but as of now it is still conditioned
Maybe, it is just a matter of taking good care of the device.

  • John

Question, My phone screen suddenly quits but i know that my phone is turned on, how can i do master reset while my phone is off.


Anonymous, 11 Jan 2019You'll be disappointed with the Battery CapacityYes, according to my real life experience, with all day internet connection it will only last 3 hours...

  • Anonymous

It has been an year I have purchased this VIVO Y53. The issues I am starting to face right now is phone behaves mad. Like while some apps are running they shut down by themselves from no where...and sometimes it goes madly touching other buttons or apps. Multitouch automatically..unknowingly...madly. i am queit fed up with this device. Now it makes me feel I should buy an Apple Phone with all that quality. These stupid phones i.e, VIVO China phones behave like these. Maybe cheap quality being used in the motherboard.