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  • Good day

I brought mobile at 2018 till it's working well

  • random vivo 83 user

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2018This device is so impressive!!! I've been using it since a ... moreWhat? Seriously? You think this worthless thing is great? Mediatek helio p22 isn't for gaming, it excells more in camera
But, even if it is a camera processor, it's still classified as low tier since it only allows 720pixels screen display, you can get a better performance than this

While... yes.. this thing does have some good features, it uses powerVR gpu which is good at displaying 3D images

The gaming performance..... i've tested it on many games like pubg, call of duty M, and honkai impact 3rd on medium settings
The fps were not bad, about fps.... commonly you will get 35-43 fps when playing sub heavy games

But i like the battery performance even more, since i was able to play 6 hours straight
The charging time is average to me

About camera quality, the camera sucks whrn on normal picture mode, if you want to get maximum picture quality from this phone
Then put it in "profesional" mode in the camera app, and turn on UHD(ultra high definition) on the top right, no i meant before top right

Video quality..... well it can't record in 60Fps and it also can't display the 1080p video that you recorded

Therefor i highly recommend you avoid this phone
Get a pocophone or an LG v20

  • Yogesh

I have used Nokia Samsung and redmi for years... First time got this vivo y83 class mobile slim.. And outstanding display... Decent battery... Less weight charging speed also good ..Fast RAM all good highly recommend this phone.. Go for it

  • Anonymous

Fat better than onelpus 6t mecleran edition..........

  • John

Cost is too high,camera is worst,and display is only hd+ worst display resolution,you cannot play 1080p videos in this phone and 4k wallpaper shows very low quality, in this price range specifications are outdated,i wasted my money, don't waste your money go for other company phone

The screen resolution isn't good

  • zoomzipper

Sunny Boy, 22 Sep 2018I will not suggest you this phone. I am using this from one... moreWhat a useless review

  • STFU

I use this Smartphone since June and the only thing i miss is NFC for mobile Payments
the performance is realy good and the camera is also better than the data sheed is expecting.

worth 180€ // bought it cheap in India while travelling.

a realy good and cheap option if you see the European Smartphone prices (IphoneX, Huawai P20, Samsung S9 -) STFU i do not pay 1000€ for a fking smarthone.

  • Anonymous

i think dont have notification kight

  • Praven_329

Single Word - Not at all worthy...

very expensive set y81 and y83

I will not suggest you this phone. I am using this from one month and I am totally dissapointed. You will regret if you purchase this phone. 15k wasted

  • Shardul

I will suggest not to buy this phone. After purchase you will regret that you have wasted 15k on a very bad phone. Totally not satisfied. I would have suggested any other xiaomi phone.....

  • Anonymous

Hang problem poor phone

  • VivoY83 user-1 month

I will never recommend this phone to anyone unless you're going for the design or let's say, JUST THE LOOK OF THIS DEVICE. Everything about this phone sucks excluding the battery life.

This handset is like using the oldest Nokia phones that comes with a camera, sucks in quality. Or shall I say, even Nokia Camera's are way better than Vivo y83? Guys it's 2018, not 2010.

Listening to Music with this phone is so unsatisfying. Redmi phones are way better than this one.

It's simply overpriced and should cost below 10k

  • Dibakar

Battery Backup also good

  • Anonymous

This device is so impressive!!! I've been using it since a month and the processor is simply the fastest and the most efficient I've ever used! Vivo and Mediatek are a great combo...

  • Anonymous

good phone

  • Anonymous

Low quality.
64 bit apss not properly works
Camera clarity

  • Gokul

Vivo y83 mobile phone metal body ( yes or no )