vivo Y95

vivo Y95

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  • Imran
  • gMC
  • 14 Mar 2023

Veri good

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    • Champorado
    • 7Xb
    • 11 Mar 2023

    This phone was a gift from my mother to me back in 2019 and it has been operating flawlessly up until this point. Although most games can no longer be played on it because of their extremely high requirements but this phone still performs admirably for everyday tasks. I'll admit that even though I was previously careless with this phone, it didn't have any impact on its performance or durability. I even bought high quality tempered and case for the protection of this phone. Only the downside of this phone is the Updates for Operating System but all-in-all I have no issue on its stability. Even though I bought a newer phone, I still prefer using this because it doesn't have ads unlike RN10Pro from Xiaomi and the OS has bugs that sometimes interfere with my thing. From way before this phone is really great but I don't know if I will recommend this phone to new users who still attempting to buy this unit and AFAIK this phone is already discontinued. But pretty decent phone for everyday things.

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      • Anonymous
      • CbI
      • 06 Feb 2023

      Buyer this on the release and still i can even run 3ds Games smoothly !!
      Just a Beast , Btw...

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        • Tfq
        • KZ8
        • 27 Jan 2023

        Anonymous, 06 Jan 2023I used the phone in more than 6 years How come use for 6 years, its released date is 2018. Now 2023. Btw, i bought jan 2019 and now still using it. 4 years already

          User Hape Kentank, 02 Jan 2023i have used this more than 2 yearsI use this Beetween June 2019 and August 2021, exactly 2,16 years. Which means that I used this 2 months longer. Beat That!

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            • Anonymous
            • YQ}
            • 06 Jan 2023

            I used the phone in more than 6 years

              i have used this more than 2 years

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                • Mahidul
                • XWq
                • 01 Dec 2022

                Great Mobile with best features. Using it almost 2 years.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • D0a
                  • 10 Nov 2022

                  Superb performance

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                    • Priya Balmiki
                    • X}f
                    • 18 Oct 2022

                    I'm using it last 4 years..must say it is the best mobile with great features..I just loved it..selfie camera quality is amazing..if you want a best mobile with ur budget then I recommend to all of you..plz have it..

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                      • Anonymous
                      • KLS
                      • 10 Apr 2022

                      Anonymous, 13 Mar 2022Best phoneYes i'm to

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                        • Anonymous
                        • XZ9
                        • 13 Mar 2022

                        Anuj Bhardwaj , 06 Mar 2022Hello , I am using Vivo Y 95 since 2019 and this is a grea... moreBest phone

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                          • Anuj Bhardwaj
                          • XSM
                          • 06 Mar 2022

                          Hello , I am using Vivo Y 95 since 2019 and this is a great phone by Vivo . Outstanding performance, satisfied screen size, fast till today, colors are very good, not even single problem till today. RAM also good i have 4,64 .
                          Overall this a awesome phone by Vivo Y95.

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                            • Someone04
                            • uS}
                            • 24 Jan 2022

                            I been using this for almost 4yrs and still working my only problem here is the screen and nothing more

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                              • Desiree
                              • x{6
                              • 07 Nov 2021

                              Im using vivo y95 for almost 3 years and this phone never disappoint works well..faster internet function..❤❤❤❤

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                                • Sameer
                                • s8H
                                • 29 Aug 2020

                                Cool phone not a single problem

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                                  • Ahamed
                                  • fC{
                                  • 13 Jun 2020

                                  Worst mobile Weber I have used not a single peeny worth for it, camera sucks and call sounds are terrible, network issue, at last phone dead even vibe service centres are regret to repair They said they can't fix it asking to change main board it cost almost mor than present mobile price...

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                                    • Armhy
                                    • t75
                                    • 18 Apr 2020

                                    This is my 2nd android phone. my first one is vivo too. my 1st phone is still working. and this second phone is fine with me. no problem. i've been using this for 2 years now.

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                                      • Abidin
                                      • KiY
                                      • 28 Mar 2020


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                                        • Nick191
                                        • I@a
                                        • 14 Dec 2019

                                        Pvi, 25 Aug 2019I bought on may month this year ...selfies are very cloudy ... moreto all who had problems with vivo y95 camera, it should be enable the hdr so it would nicer than you do it before!!!!