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vivo Z5

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2020I need help.. Android 10 is draining battery. How can I r... morenever be curious about update

ur chipset will not change to higher version after update

u cant get back dude to previous version anymore

  • Shekhar

It has supported slo motion video

  • Anonymous

I need help.. Android 10 is draining battery. How can I return to android 9?

  • Trev

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2020i have Vivo U3x with chinese Rom does this phone have a... moreIf you go on the VIVO site you can contact them and ask them to enable playstore.. not all of the chinese goes away but you can get rid of more. Send them emei number and they sent me a system update two days later with the playstore loaded and ready to rock n roll

  • Anonymous

Sul, 30 Nov 2019If you didn't buy any yet, go with iqoo neo 855i have Vivo U3x
with chinese Rom

does this phone have annoying chinese news line like U3x & you can't remove it by any means ?

i know we can't remove chinese bloatware apps but this chinese news line its other thing

Alaadine, 10 Nov 2019This or xiaome note 8 pro .. I like amoled displayIf you didn't buy any yet, go with iqoo neo 855

  • Anonymous

this is stock rom of vivo z5 ( i found it from other website)

its look like from this official link vivo china

for example this is vivo x27 link

two update links are similar, but i cant found vivo z5 in this list


  • Alaadine

This or xiaome note 8 pro .. I like amoled display

  • Jyothiprasad

I am waiting for Vivo Z5. Please release in India

  • Jyothiprasad

Waiting for Vivo Z5. Please release fastly Vivo Z5

  • ns

please vivo z5 fastly realese in india


when will release in malaysia ?

UDR, 19 Aug 2019This is interesting.gsmarena.. plz give us endurance rating... moreTrue, GSMArena is known to favor the Samsung's and Nokia's of the world even if their phones don't sell as much Oland are less feature rich than these new competing companies. High time they realise that the new era of mobile computing is very fast-paced release a model per month. Mid-Range is the flavour per month compared to March & Aug/Sep reserved for flagships of Samsung and Apple. Even they have shied away from a complete testing of Lenovo Vibe P1 which was the first of its kind phone way back in 2015 to have a 5000mAh battery. Now with improved R&D in that space and overall acceptance of large handsets, the industry have come to accept a 4000+mAh battery capacity as standard.

Moreover, the recent disruption has also caused a revolution in the speed of R&D and subsequent adoption in the mainstream models. No more is the consumer shying away from being a buyer of tried and tested products to adopting a first mover's advantage.

GSMArena has always been concentrated to reviewing only those models released in the European subcontinent, without realizing that the big market of mobiles have now shifted to Central to South East Asia where the churn of handset change has dropped significantly from 18 months a few years ago to less than 12 months. I hope they heed to the changing winds and update their strategy else sooner than later they'll become irrelevant to their consumer base in the Asian region which I believe is higher than their European nation's.

P.S. Their Standardized testing of the handsets has the potential to be industry leading and best practice adopted by various manufacturers before deciding on specifications of new handsets. If only they can broaden their horizon beyond their regional aspirations.

  • Anonymous

please vivo, release the Z5 in the Philippines

  • Selva

Tanuj, 29 Aug 2019It will come in India on September 6 as vivo z1xIt's come triple card slot? Or not
Is the camera have EIS?

  • dewolf

Karan, 26 Aug 2019On 15 September Really? Any source?

  • Tae moto

Vivo z5 i need you in my country philipphines.

Vicky, 17 Aug 2019Will it commie with 8 GB RAM 128 ROM. When well toys beer ... moreIt will come in India on September 6 as vivo z1x

  • Vicky

What's the protection for the screen.
Noting is mentioned in specifications.
Please guide.

  • Inder

When it will be launched