VK Mobile E100

VK Mobile E100

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  • vk

hay vk

  • hisham

ha... fed up with this..... nothing usefull... in this not at all good for rough use even for one month,,,, parts will start loosening... and the display will also catch some problem within a short period

  • Anonymous

Nice phone, but nothing spectacular

  • bhey

its nice phones, theres mp3....

  • lovely

This phone is nice but why is it the usb cant connect to computer and theres no cd....i want to put songs but theres no cd..

  • IFON

Company is from South Korea (I think)

Very good phones and MOtorola has talked to them about buying them out I don't think they can afford it......

  • Dea

where is the VK firm from? which country?

  • hoangtien

wow this phone is so cool, this is a GSM version of the CDMA VK100

  • Rune

I do not believe this phone can compete on the market today. I guess people who do not want to pay for a hight tech phone will buy it.