VK Mobile VK2000

VK Mobile VK2000

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  • larsholm

Jcakel, 28 Jun 2013The best phone I ever hadI had problems with people that couldn't hear me.

  • Jcakel

The best phone I ever had

  • roy

iwere i can find the battery for vk 2000

  • jedigras

Linus, 12 Nov 2007I know exactly why your mobile donĀ“t start charging, my Vk ... moreYou good sir, are the man. Same symptoms, same fix. I had to jump start the battery for about 25 seconds with the 9v charge for the phone to recognize it again.

  • Anonymous

I need I charger for mu VK2000, does any body know weare I can buy one.

  • Maldonado

weare I can find a travel adapter, I can not use my VK2000 because my travel adapter was brooked yeare a go. Some body could tell me weare can I find one?

  • Viable Korea

On July 7, 2006, VK Mobile filed for bankruptcy after it suffered several financial difficulties resulting from operational loss. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VK_Mobile)

  • essa mudawar

i cant find battery for vk2000 cell phone can somebody help me find the battery .

  • ashmia

i have my vk2000 but i can't use the internet here in the Philippines,,how can I Activate the internet?

  • Anonymous

does anybody know were i can buy a chrger for vk2000

  • motty

i must say i have the vk 2000 phone and i am using it for already about 3 years and its still in excellent condition it just depends in whose hands it is all i have had is that i had to buy another charger so i don't see whats wrong with this phone, its great and cool, not easily to break...

  • kim myung saub

greenbite, 30 Apr 2009unit was so cute, handy and fun to use.. never had problem ... morePurchase meaning of a passage 82-10-5789-1369

  • greenbite

unit was so cute, handy and fun to use.. never had problem using it.. but... battery won't last for the whole day..

  • PK

Mine was dropped abt 1.5 ft. Screen developed a horizontal line! Never went away. I actually got frustrated by its falling apart and extremely poor battery life and snapped it in two with my bare hands.

  • Anna Kofod

thank you so much! My dad nearly freaked out, because I "locked" the phone...
But now I know the code: 0000

  • zcen

I'm having problem with my VK2000 i've got two of them. The first one i bought last feb is okay fro two weeks then it suddenly doesnt want to charge. i though maybe it has a battery problem to brough it to the shop and they gave me a new one.

But then again now it won't charge again. The guy told me that he's not going to replace my battery anymore but it only what 5months and i can't use the phone anymore.

Whew! too much hassle.

  • Anonymous

*#9998*7328#(# hold)

  • Anonymous

yeah, thats right! learn how to read! jeez....

  • Anonymous

read your manual supplied along with the phone for password

  • Caliph

I have VK2000 Mobile phone and it is always asking me to Enter Password when I use 0000 it is telling me Incorrect. So kindly help get my phone back. Thanks