VK Mobile VK2010

VK Mobile VK2010

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  • AnonD-150283

It simple, light and easy to hide when emergency time. Recommended for your second handphone. Don't be shy when you put on the meeting table.

  • Brendon

Anyone know where I can buy this? Checked online stores that I know of, googled and checked ebay all with no luck.

  • Rob

I've owned a lot of "conversation piece" phones (early touchscreen phones, watch phones, etc.) and this is by far the one that provokes the most comments. It's not my everyday phone anymore, but it works well. It's easy to use and it holds a signal nicely. Granted, the music player isn't great and the battery life is pretty awful. But that's to be expected in a unit of this size and vintage.

  • k2

Jurgen, 22 Mar 2008Hahaha a calculator with a color screen.mine display screen back light is so weak, that in sun light it is not possible to see anything!!
and pixels burn in :(
with white wallpaper there are burned in numbers on the screen (n)

  • Anonymous

this fone looks like stupid,hu invented it?u want us to use a calculator and a tv remote on the subway?yuck!i will be ashamed of my self if im of those hu have this fone!hahahhahaahahahahah

  • tomba

looks like a cheap mp4 player :)

  • Anonymous

Nice and simple the way I like it! Looks a bit like a calculator though.

  • squal

Hands-on experience since November 2005.
I love it!!!
It makes sensation everywhere!!! Soo nice!
The bonus is MP3 on 128Mb...
It's only a phone, no gadgets inside!!!
Now i got too a Nokia 8850, a Nokia 8890 and a Nokia 8910i... real mobiles! not gadgets!!
plus i got an Eten Glofiish X500 but i keep it just for the GPS!!! ;)

  • zakaria

i am iranians ihope this phone come to our country
ho he ha ho


like a iphone

  • Hugh

It's obvious... lol
The price/funtions aren't good...
For the price of the phone you can get a mutch better equitment... lol :P

  • braski

hi i am using a vk 2010 phone but when i swicth on the phone it writes searching please advise me on wat to do

  • Jurgen

Hahaha a calculator with a color screen.

  • TJ

Why did VK phones closed?

  • Anonymous

Beware Because VK Moblies company has closed...No Waranty on this phones...Just if the seller gives you one...

  • Anonymous

Could somebody tell me if the VK 2020 has the option to record the agenda with voices?

  • mivaan

My favourite phone ever. Cool.

  • Anonymous

strange position of " 0 "

  • vip

the easiest design i have ever seen. is it touch screen?

  • Anonymous

I can't get the english user's manual. can anybody help me? Do forward the web link of the site where I can get the manual please.