VK Mobile VK2100

VK Mobile VK2100

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

where i can purchase this mobile pls ,expecting the answer soon

  • Anonymous

KARIM, 17 Dec 2009hi sir can you help me to find this phone vk mobile 2100 thank... morehi sir you help me,where the buy battery vk mob,thnks


Goga, 21 May 2008It has no camera??hi sir
can you help me to find this phone vk mobile 2100 thanks a lot

  • eleonora

vasilis ole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P thelo k ego

  • Goga

It has no camera??

  • Anonymous

I thought Vk mobile went Bankrupt? Is this REALLY going to be released or is this just "wishful thinking" ?

  • g star

i think its a cool phone but why dont we get this makes in south africa

  • ApekZzZ

OMG.This handphone is damn light!I wish i could carry it and see how much it weight on my palms!

  • la amorosa

is pretty i would surely ask my boyfrien for one!!!!!

  • Tal

Bad or not ill buy it today from Voda stores in greece for 133 euros.Slim as hell, best secondary use ,dont care about the 2gigs or not but if its true..AWESOME!!!!

  • Anonymous

what a frikin take off of the motorola!! this is disgustin!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

it doesn't have infrared, by the way, why in the world u wanna use infrared port, when u have bluetooth on it. come on please.

  • s_a

in Greece it is available for 154 euros

  • K-SO

hes a dummy.... no u are... cuz it doesnt have infrared... thats basically extict... but it does have bluetooth.... faggot

  • Anonymous

u cant read the features dummy? of course it has bluetooth and infrared, plus if u see a sleek looking phone like this, i gaurantee 99.9% of the time it'll have bluetooth and! infrared ....(read the side reviews !!!!!)

  • Tasha

Does this mobile have bluetooth or infrared? If it has then i will buy it. Plz tell me????????

  • Zeyad

Dont even think about getting it its very poor in sound , design etc

  • Anonymous

this phone isn't on any of the vk mobile sites. has it been discontinued before it even hit the market?
Person from malaysia, can you get us more details of the phone you saw there? like the price, the memory and anything else you can give us? thanks.

  • tim

This phone is available here in malaysia, thinking of getting one next few days, looks very cool. anyone interested in price etc let me know