VK Mobile VK570

VK Mobile VK570

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princess, 24 Aug 2011i have one that u can have!!If you've still got it I'll buy it! Trying to find one for my mum, she loved the phone to pieces XD

  • lucky

AnonD-208342, 21 Nov 2013Hi, did you get the vk570 phone? Am also desperately search... moreIv got one but no charger pretty old works still in this color .how much would u buy it for?

  • AnonD-208342

AnonD-89645, 15 Dec 2012could anyone tell me where i might be able to get a brand n... moreHi, did you get the vk570 phone? Am also desperately searching for it

  • AnonD-89645

could anyone tell me where i might be able to get a brand new vk570 as i ve looked everywhere and cant find one

  • princess

vicky, 16 Jun 2009could sum1 plz help me i am looking for this mobile phone c... morei have one that u can have!!

  • Makaveli

Is that diamonds???

  • russ

How can i have the vk mobile model 570 openline? im here in the philippines and the unit was bought in Ireland. thanks!

  • vicky

could sum1 plz help me i am looking for this mobile phone cause i would like 2 by 1 i have searched it up and still not found it so can sum1 plz plz help me cause i would reli lyk 1
i would like 2 knw were i can get one and you people are my last hope
thank u vicky

  • come on get happy :

check out ebay for spare chargers etc - i lost mine and got one on ebay for £3 !! good luck

  • michelle

where can i find a charger

  • Chaz27

i love this phone and i can't get one from any where!!!!

  • Anonymous

Anna, 26 Aug 2007i have been trying to send and receive pictures on this mob... moreit doesnt have bluetooth maybe thats why it wont send pictures

  • Anonymous

i lost my charger and i cant get a new one what is the point in that

  • green street fan xx

worst fone i had.

do not buy...

  • daniwe

my VK Mobile recently reset all its settings and placed a password which i dont know on all of its functions in the menu. i cant call,i cant send/receive texts and can only receive calls. is there a default password that was installed by the manufacturers that i can use to unblock the phone. i need help,whats the use of a phone if i cant call????

  • Julie Thompson

I have a VK570. Can anyone please tell me why, when I am sent a long message (usually a joke!)and I forward it on to someone else,they only recieve half of it? Do I need to adjust the settings somewhere?If anyone can help, please email juliethompson@hotmail.co.uk.

  • jen dublin

I have this phone in purple.its cool & most of my friends had never seen it before. I have it a year & a half now, the only bad thing theres no bluetooth & i recently got a car & cant use it handsfree. Recently the ariel popped off & i lost reception, but other than that, i apsolutely LOVE my phone :)

  • phone crazy

I have a black VK750 mobile and i love it to pieces. it's small looks great and is really easy to use. i love diamonds so this phones totally me. i think the only problem with it is that the picture quality isnt so good and it doesnt have infared or bluetooth. BUT dont let that put you off, it's perfect for txting, has really nice pictures on it and the mirror really comes in handy.

  • trish

when i first got this phone i fell in love with it only because diamods are a girls best friend. i had the black.

  • Selina

This phone is so beautifel i adore this phone.Where can i get this phone??????
I never seen something so beautifel as this. please tell me where i can buy this so so luxurious phone. greetzzz selina