VK Mobile VK900

VK Mobile VK900

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  • dian eka

i can't use my phone because my phone unlock

  • Bahonda Bantsimba

My Vkmobile 900 is not ignitation, i'm stay in Russian Federation.

  • Anonymous

u can request for mms/gprs settings to ur network provider-after receiving the settings and save properly u can now start used the service

  • Anonymous

and where can I buy battery here in honkong pls. thanks

  • Anonymous

pls answer my question soon as possible. how can I open the gprs I cant send and receive MMS. pls thanks!!!!

  • rahul

very interesting its a copy of samsung phone it will not work in indian market

  • Mustafa

carbon copy of the Samsung D500!!
VK900(2008 4Q) mini SD D900(2008 4Q) NO Slot

  • jo

how can i turn the volume up off the person im talking to when answering the phone. many thanks

  • bill

where can i get a manual for a vk200C in english

  • copy

carbon copy of the Samsung D500

  • dillian

hi ya guys this phone is great i have it and it can store loadz of songs/mp3 and has tones of memory it will also do wot eva u can think of ?????????????///that is a promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Truley

  • G

nana kwesi eric - this is an OPINIONS FORUM ONLY, for tech support go to your manufacturer's dealer or wherever you bought the phone from. some poeple really don't have any brains.

  • atif

Please somebody tell me that where is its Remote control feature and also how I can download video clips for this phone and in which format I ve tried many....does it support video clips ?????

  • atif

Please somebody tell me that where is its Remote control feature and also how I can download video clips for this phone and in which format I ve tried many....does it support video clips ?????

  • nana kwesi eric

i have written to you once and am not getting any reply .my is not a comment but rather a ploblem that am facing with my phone there is a cord which connect the sreen to the main board b,cos of the sliding,there is a break in the cord so the phone is not working any longer.down here in my country there are no parts of the phone and i cant afford to stop using that phone b,cos i have got all my information on it so please come to my aid
my contact number and address
nana kwesi eric
i am ever ready to bear any cost.
thank you.
i realy need my phone to work again.

  • Anonymous

is there any more vk phones that have bluetooth because my daughter is looking for a phone with a mp3, camera and bluetooth.

  • dude

it kicks a** this phone rocks exept it has no bluetooth witch is a necessery but apart from thatit rules

  • Anonymous

This Phone is sweet!!!!!!!!!You can't beat it:) I don't need bluetooth so its ok w/o it!!!! If your looking for a sleek stylish phone this is the oneAnd its not to high on price$$$$$$

  • Paul D

To ALL folks ,
Cingular(in USA) uses 1900mhz(old antennas) and 850mhz(most of them and new ones) antenna signals, so therefore(from experience) ANY tri-band phone works with T-Mobile perfectly fine(t-mobile antennas are 1900 mhz frequency) and works not as good but still works with cingular!
therefore, To HAVE a BEST reception of signal you must have Quad-Band phone(for cingular users) and you will be fine if you have tri-band and T-Mobile service!

  • Alastair Munro

I have a couple of these phones. I have the Thai/I-mobile versions. Here are my thoughts on the phone: Fantastic MP3 player (in terms of sound quality; but average in terms of features). Came with two batteries and an external charger, so they know battery life sucks (about a day). Overall, user interface/menus very good and logical. Nice keyboard and SMS/MMS entry if you text alot (probably the best I have seen). Selecting non alphanumeric characters in the SMS/MMS editor is clever and quite intuitive. MMS and SMS are integrated into one app, which is nice if you use both. Switching between Thai and English when writing an SMS/MMS is nice; no need to hit a hot key to switch languages. MP3 cannot be backgrounded while do something else (eg writing an SMS; only phone I have seen that does this is I-mobile 509). Nice big display. Annoying pointy antenna (Americans seem to like large pointy antennas for some strange reason). Multimedia integration nice. Video recorder almost useless since it does not record sound. Camera ok, but quite dull in low light even with the flash light. Reliable/no crashes. Display of current month on main display is very useful. Probably the reason I am quite enthusiastic with the phone was that it was very cheap (THB 4700). Certainly Nokia is now looking very expensive and should be worried about loosing market share to these new manufacturers from Korea, Taiwan and China. Came with 128Mb Micro SD card and headphones/ext mic. Does not recognise 1Gb microSD, although recognises a 512Mb one. Filenames on the microSD are in DOS 8.3 format rather than the long filename format (annoying; why?). Remote controller feature is good; Sony TVs work straight off, and you can program in other devices. Its so cheap that it makes a good overall phone, with a good MP3 player thrown in, that you can throw it away when a better model comes along! I have a view that there is no perfect mobile phone out there, so every model has its compromises.