Vodafone 225

Vodafone 225

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  • Anuj

Jayal, 25 Aug 2008worth for money! speaker qlty is low. vibra to be added How Can We Add Vibrations to the Vodafonr cell?????

  • Phone Reviewer

This Phone Is A Okay phone for teenages to Carry.... It's Slim..,It's Light...,It's Okay.... Still you have to unlock it to get another service

  • Anonymous

nice phone but no vibrations
you can unlock it
it is quiet cheap in SL it cost only3500

  • satish

it's ring tone damages earpiece, if the phone is kept near the ear

  • jane

its nice in design.vibra n loud apeaker to be added n solo cart.worth in price.


eish good phone but no blootooth? bought it by spacha shop in attridgeville.
can put alot of squeeza's numbers on!
yo yo yo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ahmed said

it is very bad handset i advise all the people don't pay it

  • khuaikusou kamei

i used this mobile during the ston age n is still looking good. nice phone. nothin' else

  • Jayal

worth for money! speaker qlty is low. vibra to be added

  • anonymous

when i took my phone for service they gave me one of these for replacement. nice phone. very light. only problems: no vibration, and in messanging, when you write a new SMS the phone works slower and slower as you write more characters.

  • Anonymous

really nice and simple


It's a one of the best phones to fulfill your minimum requirements....and also very cheap in INDIA for just Rs.900/-

  • prasanna

really a good phone on that price range.. does what expected to do..

  • Anonymous

it is very cheap, in india it costs Rs 900/-
value for money :-)

  • kajinlik

good!!!!!!!!!!lack facilities,that's it.

  • keimathung

it's really looking cool but very less facilities. try to improve it.

  • Anonymous

I never saw so many "NO"s in one page lol
and OMG 3 talking hours :S

  • ken

i think this is the best phone and the slimmest phone in this range of price

  • harry smith

i love this mobile phone. try to improve it

  • gailiamnang

good looking but lack many facilities!!!!!!!!!