Vodafone 246

Vodafone 246

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  • Anonymous

I could not the loud speaker function. Maybe it is a mistake in the presentation of the phone.

  • AnonD-220533

AnonD-220533, 02 Jan 2014Believe or not, but it was a really cheap cell-phone in Hungary... moreGreat! :D

  • AnonD-220533

Believe or not, but it was a really
cheap cell-phone in Hungary.
Just 2000 HUF (8 USD), included a
prepaid SIM card with 500 HUF (2 USD).
Sold in Tesco hypermarkets only.

  • Ahuner

Not Support chinese .faint!!!!

  • jakky

this is a wonderful phone to have if your old and cant be botherd wth phones anymore

  • Jake

I love this phone, great for your first phone,hassle free and simple to use.

  • Armaan

what's battery time.specially talk time???

  • mobilfan

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2011its's impossible,may a joke........................on real it co... moreIn Hungary this phone costs only 7 (seven) Euros in Tesco hypermarkets.

  • mobilfan

Really great phone, made by ZTE.
Last week I bought one.
It cost 7 (seven) Euros only. (new)

  • noise in my head

nice basic phone. is very disappointed on the phones speaker that makes every call sounds like you are literally surrounded with noise. I went to exchange it but have found that even another phone out of the box has the same problem. I gues they bargain that no one will return it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2011LOL 2 Euro on eBay (new)its's impossible,may a joke........................on real it costs 20 euro

  • Anonymous

LOL 2 Euro on eBay (new)

  • Roncoroni

When using the predictive txt if you haver to spell a word, it puts the first letter as a capital letter. What's the point in that. It's so annoying.
I miss my iPhone.....

  • Ali

Good basic phone with all necessary functions.

  • Anonymous

I already have this phone and awesome!!!!!!!!! I love it. Simple and good features!!!! Buy it!!!

  • Anders

Games; Yes 2, Hanoi and Funny numbers