Vodafone 716

Vodafone 716

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  • SKYPE 187

very stupid look but top apps

  • Radio

Ima radio

  • vava

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2011memmory card is reading but am not able to open the memmory... moreinsert the card into another phone.then move all fils to hw folder

  • henry

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2011memmory card is reading but am not able to open the memmory... moreall files have to be inside the folder hw to be read, then put into one of the given folders. the phone automatically creates the folder hw for u

  • Sujon

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2008Right i'm in shock I've just paid £30 from a vodafone sh... moreHi
i am not just like my vodafone 716. i love my phone very much

  • Anonymous

memmory card is reading but am not able to open the memmory card. Why?

  • misho

how to open speaker in vodafone716

  • ani

it's have 3G 384kbps and i can get video call with vodafone 716 but battery is not good camera is very quality.

  • vincent

may any one guide me on usage of the phone with a phone

  • Ste

i had this phone for little over 2 years, water damage, throw damage it just wouldnt die whatever happened to it it just kept on living. in the end though sadly it was robbed from me. was £30 pound at the time so in my opinion definitely worth its weight in gold. those who didnt get this phone dont just judge it before you use it. it is absolutely brilliant!


How can unlock my phone which uses universal sim whiles the universal sim is missing

  • Anonymous

blink, 17 Feb 2009Hi ive just ordered one of these based on your good reviews... morewell i had that phone 2 years ago and i had a 2gb micro sd card on it it was working perfectly well for a 30quid phone but it was slow because i had over 300 tunes on it. now i have a lg veiwty but the viewty is Worse! this phone is briliant for its price. you cant get a better phone for this price.

  • kamlesh

i have to download game on vodafone 716 so would you please tell me that what kind of software will support and how i will download game?

  • Zico

How can i use yahoo massenger in my 716?
Where i can ger this softwere?

  • Anonymous

Sorry, I've had it nearly 2 years not 4 years.

  • James

I've had this phone for nearly 4 years and it's still as good as the day I got it. It has got a FM radio and a video recorder on it even though it says it hasn't on here. My only problem with it is: it hasn't got a flash on the camera so it's hard to take a good picture unless it's light.

  • Nome

Please i'd like to know if it's possible to' use my iPhone with Italian Vodafone chip in Ghana?

  • nasia

this phone is not at all good the screen goes white after a few months, so i suggest you get a better phone then his!


Anonymous, 24 May 2009can i use this as a modemYes, u can use it as a modem.
But it's tooooo slowwwww.
So I suggest u that u buy a brand phone like NOKIA-3110 it's GOOOOD!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

not well camera sounds are like chinees phone