Vodafone 845

Vodafone 845

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  • Anonymous
  • mtq
  • 01 May 2022

DR, 06 Feb 2021If there was a rating less the 1 then I would have given th... morethe phone is 10 years old, at htat age battery failiure and a lot of other component stuff is gonna set in

this phone was designed as a cheap ass first smartphone when these things were first taking off.

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    • Anonymous
    • rxh
    • 08 Apr 2021

    its very worst service from vodafone & once we converteing to family post paid plan if we want to convert to prepaid stores executives they will not respond properly & they will say some stories & they will make roam us 3 to 4 times & if convert individual plan for starting package activating callertune without informing us to increase the billing & if complaint anything about network their is no answer i am planning to convert for different network

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      • DR
      • f}v
      • 06 Feb 2021

      If there was a rating less the 1 then I would have given that. Since December I'm having this strange problem where I can make a call but can't receive it. The IVR system does not allow speaking to the customer care, in fact, the IVR sucks and does not let you choose options. And worse with all the drama of Privacy concerns with WhatsApp Vi insists on having a conversation on Whatsapp. I had this number for 10yrs, now I'm forced to change the operator because of their extreme inefficiency.

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        • Anonymous
        • bxc
        • 26 Dec 2020

        Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020My first Android phone... It was a piece of shit and it lag... moreSame, i ended up flashing mine with cyanogenmod cause the stock OS was hot garbage. But being the only person with a smart phone was sick for awhile.

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          • Anonymous
          • fC$
          • 11 Sep 2020

          Vodafone Idea worst network and I believe that the company should terminate themselves.

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            • Anonymous
            • 0Ve
            • 05 Aug 2020

            My first Android phone... It was a piece of shit and it lagged all the time but for my high school self it was revolutionary. Especially when most people didn't have smartphones yet.

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              • Anonymous
              • X%k
              • 05 Apr 2020

              Worst network providers ever...they will loot you like anything....they dont value customers or their money....just to keep the sim active and maintain the current number i have to pay huge amounts...my hard earned is being wasted to serve these thieves...i hope karma will pay them off.

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                • shreekant
                • 7kj
                • 27 Jul 2019

                beware of vodafone friends

                On 8th June my mobile was recharged with Rs. 999 for 1 year period but I was not able to make outgoing calls so I visited my account page on the net and discovered that My account was debited with Rs. 128.93 being the international roaming charges when I had visited USA during may 2019

                So I made another recharge of Rs. 129 but still I was unable to make outgoing calls so I called vodafone customer care and the representative said you have recharged with unlimited plan and she had promised to convert the subsequent recharge of Rs. 129 into talk time within two days but even after 3 days I was not able to make outgoing calls so I visited vodafone store in thane and paid Rs. 145 as per the advise of vodafone representative and after that I was able to make outgoing calls.

                Since last few days whenever I make an outgoing call, at the end I get a pop up stating charges for that particular call and remaining balance. Today when I called your customer care I was informed that since you have made a recharge of Rs. 129 your earlier recharge of Rs. 999 has lapsed and you will not be able to avail any services under that plan as ANY SUBSEQUENT RECHARGES MAKES THE EARLIER RECHARGE REDUNDENT the same has been confirmed by vodafone through e mail received

                So for a debit balance of Rs. 129 so far I have paid Rs. 1273 (999+129+145 ) to vodafone and still I am not able to avail all the benefits under Rs. 999 recharge

                I request all dear friends to be very careful while dealing with vodafone

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                  • Anonymous
                  • fCP
                  • 07 Jan 2019

                  Worst worst worst- totally worst- Dont take Any connection of Vodafone- half of the Day Net mever work- 4G and 3G always seen but - if you check anything it never work. Made so many complaints to vodafone, TRAI, voda Senior manager and also ther people. Finally received a Mails from Mumbai Head Office - pls dont CC to TRAI, we will sort out the issue. finally they sent someone in my home to check the signals. It was surprising that Vodafone people using airtel connection. ha Ha...He also siad their service is so worst and not advisable to take this conmection.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • mrK
                    • 29 Dec 2018

                    Vodaphone could not care less about you ever.
                    As a very long term customer, I found myself on the phone to renew my Sim only contract. It’s at this point I found out that i had an old sim contract for mobile broadband that had been running for years. Now as we all know you have to cancel this or the costs just keep on rolling, so after a short period of time I cancelled this line. but buyer beware Vodaphone did not cancel this agreement and I found out over the period of several years I have paid Vodaphone without being aware hundreds of pounds, This is now going to be a legal fight to get back this money, from a company that does not care about you as a customer.

                    Their customer services are pointless , failing to cancel contracts or provide the most basic information, even when this breaks the telecommunications code of conduct. Also complaining to the CEO who has minions answering complaints from his office that actually do nothing but affirm their stance on the matter. Learn the word deadlock this is the name of the letter Vodaphone will have to send you when all your endeavours fail.

                    Just before you enter any agreement with Vodaphone think of the worst pain you have ever experienced then x it by at least 10 and you will have an idea of how you will feel being a Vodaphone customer.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • fCT
                      • 26 Oct 2018

                      sorry ur network totally poor 3g coverage and only gave to 4g net u did work. so improve your 3g service..

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                        • Kaustubh
                        • Dkp
                        • 04 Sep 2018

                        Vodafone India are the biggest looters and cheaters of all the telecom companies.DO NOT USE VODAFONE SERVICES OR YOU ARE IN FOR A NASTY SURPRISE.

                        I have been a postpaid customer of vodafone red service in Mumbai and then as I shifted to Rajasthan I went to a vodafone store and selected a low cost data plan in may 2018.In the month of june, I received a bill for a new low cost plan which I paid after a due date with added extra charges. However by end of june, the service suddenly stopped without any intimation.Then after a few days, I received a call from the vodafone store owner that a bill of Rs 3500 is pending. I told I have already changed a plan and have paid the bill that I received thereafter. They did not send me the bill in my email but they sent their executive to my workplace who made a ruckus at my workplace saying a big bill is due from my side.I told them the bill you are saying has never been sent to me and I showed them the receipt of my last payment too so I am not going to pay the bill as its not my fault.

                        Next month I again received a call from executive who for the first time sent me 3 bills at a time saying I have not paid these bills.I checked these bills and what I noticed was they charged me extra 250 Rs per month even with my suspended number.Finally I paid whole pending Rs 3900 bill online just to avoid their harassment at my workplace.

                        Why I say that vodafone is the biggest cheater and looters, here are the reasons.

                        They charged me a bill with 2 plans in same month one old plan and one new plan and did not show me a bill for 3 months.

                        2.They suspended all my services without intimating me or informing what the exact problem is.

                        3.Their so called recovery agents came at my workplace and created a ruckus about me not paying a bill. At that time I showed them the bill I received and the receipt of payment still they continued with their rhetoric.

                        They sent me bills for 3 months together in my email which I saw for the first time in 3 months. In these bills, they charged me extra Rs 250 for every month even though my number was suspended.

                        All this they did to a postpaid customer who was paying all the bills regularly.

                        This was my experience with vodafone India and I would never recommend the vodafone store here or vodafone services for anybody. I am happy with Jio and Airtel prepaid services with just 150 Rs for 1.5 GB daily.

                        I am sure vodafone will have to pack their bags soon from India with the kind of customer service they have.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • XS7
                          • 19 Mar 2018

                          Its a waste network. customer care response is horrible there is no customer service y asking for opinion dont bluff customers.huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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                            • shebin
                            • g3b
                            • 13 Dec 2017

                            I have bought a new vodafone sim and recharged for 3 months.After 3 days, they deactivated the sim for wrong activation of sim.I didn't get any new sim and my cash simply gone.Bad response from customercare.If they knew it is wrong activation then they should return back the cash or remanufacture the sim how other mobile operators do

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                              • Anonymous
                              • PxB
                              • 03 Dec 2017

                              vodafone is the worst service provider, excess billing , bad services, had to call the customer care several times to deactivate a service not even opted by me, even after visiting the vodafone store personally for the same, the cost of that service was added to my bill again and again , anyhow completed my 3 months in vodafone and ported my no. they fool their customers, and play over smart. cheat

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                                • nisha
                                • fC%
                                • 16 Nov 2017

                                Its been months I am taking follow ups. this is worst network service I have ever used. every day I get fake commitments from everywhere. all are same from vodafone store to vodafone customer service. pathetic service unnecessary charges& commitments. they disconnect the calls if they dont have answers to customer query. they give fake commitements if u visit there stores just to avoid customers behaviour.

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                                  • Reva
                                  • 7ka
                                  • 28 Oct 2017

                                  I have had the worst experience with Vodafone. I have been using Vodafone for a long time and have been frustrated after i switched to billing. I was on their so called red plan which was supposed to be cheap wherein i was to get a bill of 500 for internet n unlimited calls. Never have i paid less than 2000 every month for their pathetic service which is bad than even idea. Crap company and even worst service.

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                                    • Vodafone Blocks SMSs
                                    • ITm
                                    • 10 Oct 2017

                                    I am using vodafone from Last 10 years, I am not at all happy with their service,
                                    they are not giving any offer as other networks and they are playing games with their customer, they are blocking SMS facility because many customers are changing their networks by using PORT option, I called to customer care and asked to activate SMS facility they are taking requests but not happening anything.

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                                      • bishwajit
                                      • fCZ
                                      • 20 Apr 2017

                                      Vodafone network is very poor network now. Network show h+ but very slow browsing spped. Very very boring network

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • XMp
                                        • 20 Jan 2017

                                        Worst service....ever seen in any other service