Vodafone exclusivity of HTC Sensation in the UK ends soon?

06 June, 2011

It appears that the UK exclusivity of the HTC Sensation that Vodafone had is coming to an end. The smartphone has just been listed in the Carphone Warehouse system in a bundle with O2 and Orange contracts. The screenshot gives us no exact availability date but it clearly shows that the Sensation is already on its way to other major carriers.

Other online retailers are already taking pre-orders for the HTC Sensation. Here are the deals that you might get if their listings are to be believed. Orange will give you the for free if you sign a 2-year contract worth at least 28.44 per month. The cheapest available plan there is a 2-year deal for 25/month, but if you go for that one, you will need to fork another 100 for the handset so it makes little sense.

T-Mobile requires a 32/month 18-month contract to fully subsidize your acquisition of the Sensation. You can also opt for the 25.5 a month year-and-a-half deal and pay 40 upfront for the handset.

The minimum contract needed to get you a free HTC Sensation from O2 stretches over 24 months and costs 31/month. 21.50 is the cheapest you can go with regards to monthly fees with O2, but in that case you will need to pay an extra 80 for the Sensation.

Finally, if you decide to go for Three you will need to commit your next two years to a 30/month deal or pay 70 upfront and sign a 25/month contract.