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  • Hmm

AnonD-556119, 03 Jul 2016I was given this phone by a friend after my S6 fell in a pa... moreNot to be rood dude but all smartphones ive had the pleasure of using do the clock thing - sorry for the camera and calculator problems, but thats pretty much just your phone. Lag will happen to all smartphones, from what I've seen as far as to the ones with 1gb ram. Im pretty positive its something to do with the software, the camera thing
Also why not get a newer model now - 6 has 1 gb ram and 2mpx front camera, and autofocus, and is in about the same price range, or free with a plan.

  • AnonD-556119

I was given this phone by a friend after my S6 fell in a pallet crusher at work.

To start on a good note , it works. Calls texts Facebook WhatsApp ect all work jolly well. Camera is better quality than I expected with regards to picture , but getting it to work is another story. It often tells me camera is unavailable even after I close all tabs.

The phone is slow and has very little memory , both hard drive and RAM , and many apps I found were rendered useless by the VodaSmart4.

I found other niggling problems with the calculator and clock. The clock will stop recording time when the phone is locked using side button. So you lock the screen at 12.30pm it will still display 12.30pm if you check the time 2hrs later.

It works as a temporary phone if your good smartphone is out of order and you didn't have to pay for it .. Don't part cash for something that is cheap for a reason.

  • AnonD-529808

Very good phone with so so rear camera and poor front camera

  • yeah

so its one of the cheapest phones on the market with a 5mp camera and a decent screen. works pretty well with what i need it for even if the 512 ram will quit background apps if the foreground uses too much memory. battery-wise lasts about as much as your average smartphone and its pretty fast on wifi. mine would randomly restart but seriously its a 2/10 price range phone, its not like i can give little money and expect the world. still better than many bootleg smartphones on the market

  • Alwyn

Do not waste your money on this phone. It's slow, freezes & the touch screen works when it wants to. I will never buy a Vodafone again as Vodacom does not stand by their product. I'm still waiting for a call from their useless shop after asking for them to source me a cover. Never again

  • Anonymous

Hi my phone is 1months old but blic i don't worked

  • ?

does it have a hdmi adaptor

  • Anonymous

my phone is 2 days old, i downloaded 2 games ,ashpalt 8 and a small one, cm antivirus and clean master phone booster, i also downloaded 22 songs, and then suddently while i open a game the screen totally freezes and i dont know what to do.i checked if that was caused by lack of space but i had only used half of the phones space.please help i dont know whats going on with my phone.

  • Dog

mr, 17 Jul 2015it does have a back and front camera i would know i have oneYEs it does have one,you can start the camera and it does have an option to switch inbetween them

  • mr

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2015it don't have a front camera mate it only got a back camera it does have a back and front camera i would know i have one

  • Anonymous

Can the phone WhatsApp and play games ?

  • Mario

good,this phone offers great features

  • Shami

Its good, except tying space is too small, its irritating, the camera is poor cant take pics at nite and cannot download flashplayer

  • Nitecrawlerbob

Utter nonsense. Dies in the middle of the night while on charge. Don't have all kinds of fancy apps running either, just messaging and social media. Freezing when keypad is needed I have to wait for keypad, or 'wipe' three to four times for it to appear. Sometimes call comes in and the touch screen is non-responsive...worst of all, phone is only a month old...

  • LittleDemY

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2015it don't have a front camera mate it only got a back camera It does have both a front and back camera.

  • Anonymous

Why can't l hear sound when watching English football

  • kennyb

My smart 4 won't play any downloaded ringtones after about 1 hour and keeps going back to the default. Any ideas why?

  • Anonymous

Leeroy, 18 Mar 2015How many Megapixels does the front camera containit don't have a front camera mate it only got a back camera

  • Leeroy

How many Megapixels does the front camera contain

  • stulfc

Hi guys how do i switch of the womans voice and start useing the touchscrren without her saying what ive touched