Vodafone Smart III 975

Vodafone Smart III 975

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  • Anonymous

Bluetooth and wifi cant connect please help me

  • Austin

I have an intex aqua and am having trouble with Internet.
how can I be assisted?
oh, and the phone can't work without a Vodafone simcard


Vodafone to me is an excellent phone it is fast i have been using my vodafone for about 3years and still in good forms. Please i need help on how to download vodafone pc suite for windows10 model version 975N PLEASE I NEED HELP THANK YOU ALL

  • Anonymous

how to get a sim me lock code?

  • Anelka

I'm in Kenya n av a problem wt my Vodafone 975, my touc
h screen is no longer sensing how can u help me?

  • Ronaldo

I have hadthis phone for the past 2 years my parents got it to my as a gift since my old smartphone broke,first 2 months was ok when you start downloading some apps you can really see the phone slowing down more and more,i used to format my phone every 2 or 3 months so it wouldnt lag so much,battery barely hold up to 1 day with medium usage,when i unlock the phone it s always disconected from wifi for some wierd reason,if you like games this is not the right phone when you format it for the first week or 2 if you dont install any aps it can even run csr classics and csr racing smotthly after downloading even 1 app game crashes and lags allot,one relly good feature of the phone even tho you dont expect it its the camera it was crazy focus and you can get some crazy macro shots if you use it right(check ronaldos13 on instagram all photos are taken with this phone)overall its not that great but as a first smartphone its good

thank you for your time

  • AnonD-490688

hi !
i get a unusuall trouble with this kind of phone.. when i turn the wifi it's remain on "on" and actually doesn't connect to any wi-fi router , and i can't stop it at all, same as the bluetooth ,gps and radio but the 3G data it's work fine ...my questions now are why suddenly i've been get in this trouble ? it's there something alse what i can do to fix ?

  • dinosaur

Frustratingly slow, but you get what you pay for. Good beginner smartphone for your child if you buy one used. Dropped it several times with nary a scratch, so there's that.

  • Anonymous

jane, 13 Feb 2015hi, when trying to connect to wifi, it says wifi is on, and... moreLike with connecting any device to wi-fi check the following,
1. password
2. connecting to correct wireless network
3. Is MAC filtering enabled on router?
I have this phone and it connects straight away, never had a problem, hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

nuk bon fare vk

  • jane

hi, when trying to connect to wifi, it says wifi is on, and connect strength is excellant, but says authorisation problem! what does this mean, and can u help me please? ty in advance

  • Anonymous

..., 13 Jan 2015i don't think that's possibleyes is possible, i do that all the time

  • Anonymous

..., 13 Jan 2015i don't think that's possibleYes is possible, i do that all the time

  • ...

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2014How do i turn my v975 on without the on button?i don't think that's possible

  • ...

Matias, 06 Jan 2015how can i take an screenshot? press volume down and on/off button at the same time

  • Matias

how can i take an screenshot?

  • AnonD-345472

How do i turn on my v 975

  • Anonymous

How do i turn my v975 on without the on button?

  • victim

i would like to know how to make AGAIN my camera to record mpeg4 and no3gp.do anyone know? by the way i gor it one year with protection and it is very nice cheap phone.thank u

  • franb

I have this phone and 3 weeks after I bought it the screen cracked...no fall , no bang. three people i know had the exact same problem. Anyone else ??