Vodafone Smart N9

Vodafone Smart N9

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  • Android User

its cheap, its phone.. thats all..
i use Samsung S20 Ultra and cant compare it with this "phone" but its useful if u dont have other ;)

  • eezytech

Fat Daddy, 05 Jun 2020OMG! To call this a Smart Phone is the biggest joke apar... moreThe Smart N9 is the best,Now with the new 5G on routers,there is no struggle finding Wi-Fi channels.

  • A1 Austria.

Arsov 36, 29 Mar 2020Also available as A1 Smart N9!This phone looks like A1. But, that's important.


To call this a Smart Phone is the biggest joke apart from Donald Trumps it will all be over by easter’

This is my first and last Android.......period!

And just for you slower readers out there:


I was using a 12 year old Nokia that was better than this. My old iPhone 4 died after water damage, so I went back to my old Blackberry. But it was not doing what I needed so i got the even older Nokia out. Well after the battery ballooned it was time to use this Vodafone.

If you think your getting a good deal? Your not, its junk. Real junk.
So you think it’ll be ok, yeah it’s cheap, but hang on!
The new iPhone SE is rather good value as it will be upgraded for 6years, and a further 3 years of security updates on top of that. So you could get SEVEN YEARS use out it if your just wanting a phone, just texting calling, photos. Now in my country that is about $100per year for a phone. This piece of crap was around $120 and it seriously struggles to make calls, the contact app is utter crap, the camera is a shocker that struggles to open and struggles to close, can’t focus, can’t, can’t, can’t.........
This phone just can’t...................................................well do anything, it’s crap.

So don’t go thinking your getting a good deal, because your not, your being tricked into purchasing crap, and then buying more crap in 6 months time. DON’T DO IT!

Put your money away and save! Save! Save! Then go and buy a decent phone. I’m not going to get into the whole iOS vs Android here, thats not what this is about.
Just stay away from cheap crap, as it will not last and you will being buying another one very soon. The world already has enough problems with illegal rubbish dumping and waste ending up in our oceans, so please stop buying crap like this and reduce your purchases.

Learn from my mistake.......Don’t buy it.

  • Arsov 36

Also available as A1 Smart N9!

  • MrZoolook

SuperTroll, 09 Oct 2018Lol that makes no sense Utter nonsense. This phone is not responsible for your wife leaving you. But seriously, this isn't a bad phone. It doesn't have a compass or 5ghz, but it is a decent enough phone for it's price.

Anyone saying it's too expensive for the specs, is probably willing to pay thousands for an Apple logo on their average phones, anyway.

  • qwenkx


In my opinion Vodafone is one good brand. Why? Network is fast and all features and apps runs smoothly. Its been 4months now since i last used my Vodafone Smart N9. Up til now i still dont know why it blacked out. I was on facebook and all of a sudden three black lines appeared on the screen then the phone freeze for like 5mins and it blacked out. I tried charging it but no use.

A simple question: Whats the cause of this kinda problem please ? I really want to know because i really want to use it again esp when i have heaps of stuff stored in the phone.

So far, VODAFONE is the BEST

  • Vodafone User

Don't bother! Ok for children. Poor battery life. Under 1 hour use or 2 hours on stand by. Huge drain on battery.
Poor sound - tinny crackly sound.
Reasonable picture for video playback, but cannot watch screen facing Front, only to one side.
Overall half a star. Pathetic! Shame on you Vodafone!!

i think nokia 5 is better - same price, aluminium body, 8 core snapdragon...

  • Anonymous

This phone does not support 5Ghz wifi, only 2.4Ghz.

SuperTroll, 09 Oct 2018Lol that makes no sense Of course it won't sound like it, how would you feel if that happened to you?!

  • SuperTroll

Disappointment, 28 Sep 2018It ruined my LIFE. I Lost my wife because it could call any... moreLol that makes no sense

  • Disappointment

It ruined my LIFE. I Lost my wife because it could call anyone. I got robbed but they left the phone. I couldn't call the police.My camera has no zoom in. I got lost and google maps didn't work.Its a complete failure ;(.

  • iso459

This phone is Alcatel 3's clone ?

  • Anonymous

Great vfm for a ton nowt wrong with it unless you are in a hurry..Chill....A good display way to use just about adequate with an SD card it will do for work drop it break it buy a new one! Simple

  • Bilal

I m using this phone and the card slot is up to 64GB with no problems

  • Anonymous

G, 29 Jun 2018I simply do not understand the concept of this phone. The S... morethis replace the N8 not V8

hauns, 06 Jul 2018i would like to know if this phone is good for playing gamesNo, read my earlier comment, I went in further depth and explained why with some recommendations

Veske, 30 Jun 2018The phone is realy chep and its realy good not laging and i... moreShut up! This phone is not good for heavy gamers! Don't get this! The Mali-T720 is very slow and is not built for anything more than going on websites.

hauns, 06 Jul 2018i would like to know if this phone is good for playing games(READ ALL!) No, because the GPU is low-end so it is slow with 3-D games. Unless you will play casual games it'll be fine but it will not run games like Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8 or PUBG. Don't get this if you want to game. Look for phones with the Snapdragon 845,835,821,820, 636 (Best-Weakest). Even the Snapdragon 636 is fast so go for those i recommended. Phone suggestion- Xioami Redmi Note 5 Pro (Snapdragon 636), cheap and fast. Never go with any device that has a MediaTek Processor such as: anything that starts with; MT, Helio P (except helio p60). The Helio P60 is great so that's the only MediaTek SoC I can recommend for heavy gaming on a budget.