Vodafone Smart Tab II 10

Vodafone Smart Tab II 10

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2017in india you will getMy tablet battery backup has come down can you please help to know we're I can repair my tablet

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2017the screen for my tablet broke and i cannot find it anywher... morein india you will get

  • kez

i have been looking for the screen for a year now where can i get it .....fell down and the inside screen broke please help

  • Anonymous

the screen for my tablet broke and i cannot find it anywhere!am in Kenya,can i please know where i can find a replacement

  • arrann

mine is dead. how can i make it top support usb otg inorder to flash a ROM?

  • Anonymous

It is a pity an instruction manual is not included. I have searched the net and cannot find any help. Where can I download a manual PLEASE. At the moment it is not worth having ask cannot crop photos or do other things that my other tablet (not a vodafone) can do.

  • xXxIlluminati420xXx

Hitch, 28 Apr 2015Hi everyone, can this tablet make normal phone calls?NOOO

  • Hitch

Hi everyone, can this tablet make normal phone calls?

  • Kavan

I have the smart tab II but if I try connecting it via usb cable to my laptop, I cant be able to transfer any file. What may be tge problem?

  • vodafone crar

vodafone is undefined

  • joe

I'm looking for a cover for my smart tab 2 10, any suggestion? Thanks

  • Anonymous

I already junk my vodafone smart tab 10 there's no available charger to buy since my tab is only months older waste of money

  • Mike

I've been using a Tab II 7 for about 18 months and while the tablet looks stylish the main issue I've found is the lack of internal memory. When trying to download apps I've been messaged that there is not enough internal memory and I should uninstall apps in order to install the new one. Uninstalling system apps that you don't use is not a good idea as the functionality of the tablet can be affected. In my case, I couldn't see, when the tablet was connected to my pc, the internal and external storage folders, also, apps took a long time to download and the music player and gallery stopped working. The other issue experienced was that the screen is not very responsive and would require two or three taps to respond.

  • chon

Do you have charger available?

  • jubba

Soares, 02 Jul 2013It only has Internal Memory (16GB) and i can't connect it w... moreTo connect your smart tab to a windows 8 PC, install mobogenie on your PC. Go to www.mobogenie.com

  • shelly

can i make a call with this lenovo apart from the video call and the front camera is not clear what do i do and does it have a flash

  • Anonymous

How can use it to call someone apart from video calling

  • Anonymous

I cant dare compare thiz wizard gadget to ipad or galaxy tab......its the calibre of the latest samsung galaxy note 3..u wont regret buying this

  • Anonymous

Men, I bought this device on 21st August 2013 and has come to love it. I had seen a colleague, a workamate with an apple ipad and came to love tablets. I can tell you that this vodafone tablet has very many advantages over the apple ipad I had seen with their numerous restrictions. I work for a telecommunication industry and can testify this.

  • Soares

It only has Internal Memory (16GB) and i can't connect it with my PC with Windows 8. The setup program that comes with this teblet only works with Win XP, Vista and Win 7. With Win 8 an message like this apperar: "Can't detect OS type. Please install driver manually".
In general is a good tablet, with 3G (limited to 14,4 Mbps), wi-fi, GPS, front and rear camera. The battery holds for about 9 hours, and the touch is nice.