Vodafone Smart Tab II 7

Vodafone Smart Tab II 7

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  • 03 May 2024

Maggieit refuse to c, 01 Jun 2020It refuse to come on Based Lenovo tablets

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    • Maggieit refuse to c
    • fwq
    • 01 Jun 2020

    It refuse to come on

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      • Xoh
      • N9p
      • 12 May 2017

      There is no privacy on the phone every1 can hear ur conversation so u have t use headphones all the time dats noncese

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        • Bidozza
        • fjS
        • 19 Jan 2017

        Very good affordable fone

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          • Anonymous
          • r3H
          • 26 Dec 2016

          Can't make call with dis phone

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            • J
            • f4w
            • 23 Dec 2016

            My tab can't open the notifications and recent list

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              • modsar
              • fuM
              • 23 Nov 2016

              hey i bought one last month but its now freezing i don know how to fix it.

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                • AnonD-562136
                • CDy
                • 19 Jul 2016

                I have not see sim, what should I do ????

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                  • Anonymous
                  • Pxp
                  • 13 Jan 2015

                  bbb, 17 Oct 2013how can i use my vodafone smat tab ll to make and receive call?can i make call like normal phone?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • ftb
                    • 08 Jan 2015

                    not to happy im a vodacom clerk got customers complaining everyday

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                      • akucinta
                      • Y}K
                      • 27 Dec 2014

                      i want to take this tab but plz guys i want to know abt the limitations plz confirm me

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                        • AnonD-312644
                        • fjR
                        • 14 Nov 2014

                        Arsi, 22 Feb 2014Hello,, I have do too many pattern attempts on my Vodafone ... moreHi There!, For An Issue Like That!, I highly Recommend That You Insert A Simcard That Has Enough data For connectivity Also try To Be At A Free Wifi HotSpot Zone!. That Should Do It!.

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                          • Mike
                          • pS4
                          • 05 Sep 2014

                          I've been using a Tab II 7 for about 18 months and while the tablet looks stylish the main issue I've found is the lack of internal memory. When trying to download apps I've been messaged that there is not enough internal memory and I should uninstall apps in order to install the new one. Uninstalling system apps that you don't use is not a good idea as the functionality of the tablet can be affected. In my case, I couldn't see, when the tablet was connected to my pc, the internal and external storage folders, also, apps took a long time to download and the music player and gallery stopped working. The other issue experienced was that the screen is not very responsive and would require two or three taps to respond.

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                            • berrada abderrahman
                            • fqN
                            • 11 Jul 2014

                            Anonymous, 17 Nov 2013this is not a phone...not supported gsm read feature than taghow can I use my vodafone smart II 7 as GSM
                            my email doufati@outlook.com
                            and time blok and I cant moove nothing why can I do

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                              • Arsi
                              • 3T8
                              • 22 Feb 2014

                              Hello,, I have do too many pattern attempts on my Vodafone Smart Tab ii7 , but now he requires username and password to enter the address in google, I kame a lease, but for now my tablet is not connected to the internet and although I try to enter my address in google, again without result, can the I have a solution for this please...

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                                • Anonymous
                                • vwe
                                • 17 Nov 2013

                                this is not a phone...not supported gsm read feature than tag

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                                  • lenny
                                  • N7D
                                  • 06 Nov 2013

                                  why cant it dile or recieve calls.
                                  why does it not surport upgrade of whats app it technicslly not smart ye

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                                    • bbb
                                    • Sbc
                                    • 17 Oct 2013

                                    how can i use my vodafone smat tab ll to make and receive call?

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                                      • satish kumar
                                      • U@T
                                      • 01 Aug 2013

                                      very good phone

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • bxb
                                        • 28 Jul 2013

                                        I thought I can used this tabll7 to make a ym video call?