Vodafone Smart Tab N8

Vodafone Smart Tab N8

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  • Anonymous

This is a very fine and affordable piece, except that my device has a 1GB RAM instead of 2GB.

Hi Vodafone. I am having torrid time with the battery

  • dave

hi Vodafone my tab just got it new on the first day it got stuck on the logo or boot screen
y is it doing that

  • Frikkie

Hi, my tablet when you swipe on screen left or right it is not so smooth, what can it be...?? It is a new tab N 8 from vodacom

sky, 30 Nov 2018why?Please ignore my comment from before Vodafone started releasing more stuff...

  • sky

Macbeth, 07 May 2018Now, Vodafone hasn't released any more devices since then.why?

Now, Vodafone hasn't released any more devices since then.

  • samplegalaxyiphoneSX

Well this tablet is just the finest piece of equipment I have ever purchased. Whilst it doesn't quite run Grand Theft Auto San Andreas like Mario kindly shared with us all, it does allow me to watch videos on particular websites which my wife doesn't approve of, especially usful is the quite speakers, so my incognito mode browsing can be done safely in the closest whilst she gets ready for bed. #NoNetNeutrality2k18 #MakeBrowsingGreatAgain

  • AnonD-743317

It is a very good tablet it runs Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with max settings and battery life is fine

  • Nella

Batterry life not so good

  • dan

no too bad actually pleasantly surprisd