Vodafone V860 Smart II

Vodafone V860 Smart II

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  • AnonD-69361

How do i turn microphone volume up please? i can hardly hear people talking to me

  • Steve

For a first smart phone i'm thinking this one, cheap and chearful ? Is it easy use am used to older :-) much older Nokia's. Thanks

  • steve

WTF do u people expect from a £70 phone u greedy things, this phone gets higher score on benchmark tests than galaxy ace and thats that!

  • AnonD-51487

Very poor viewing angle in landscape mode, only 128 mb internal memory not 1 Gb as stated. Screen looks like it could scratch easily. Poor volume with internal speaker, excellent through decent earphones though. Battery life poor, only arm6 processor, costs £70 in UK, worth much less. At £40 would be worth price, going to return this item, junk....unlike the ot 990 which is fantastic, also made by Alcatel.

  • chintu

what is the cost of this mobile and can i know - how the andriod is running,??

  • AnonD-66360

the only problem with this pone I've had by now(I own it for a month and use it a lot) I can move some of the downloaded applications from phone to SDcard, some app's like Instagram and others doesn't work, or can't be downloaded at all, but the most painful problem is the HEADPHONES... the quality of the ones that came along is horrible, so I tried to use my apple headphones. fail, when I plug them in they don't work, now, I'm looking for new headphones, which will work, and will be better made, any ideas where I could get those?
P.S. in general it's a good Phone for the price I paid for it.

  • AnonD-66360

AnonD-66050, 08 Aug 2012silicon cases for this model, anyone?you can get one in the Vodafone stores, I got mine for 12 Euro

  • Tiltinya

AnonD-66050, 08 Aug 2012silicon cases for this model, anyone?I got cover for mine from the Vodafone store for 12 euro, asking the shop assistant...

  • AnonD-66050

silicon cases for this model, anyone?

  • JJ

fsfe, 04 Aug 2012seriously who the ...ck cares about instagram?More than 40 million people, FYI.

  • fsfe

seriously who the ...ck cares about instagram?

  • UpAllNight

This phone does not run instagram properly. I was so gutted when it didn't work, pictures just come out black. Also, it freezes a lot.

  • turkish

EON, 14 Jul 2012In my country Romania from Vodafone is 127 EURO locked with VATit is exactly 97eur - 433Ron

  • AnonD-65246

smileyface!, 01 Aug 2012can this phone run instagram?yes, it is JB Android!

  • N_N

nice mobile

  • smileyface!

can this phone run instagram?

  • @prashant

When it is going to be launched in India.I am using version I which not so updated as par as processor is concerned but this new one is coming with Gingerbread 2.3.7 which quite good.Also let me know whether it is upgradable or not as previous version had this facility but when gone for updation it didnt have any online updates available which was quit unfortunate.
According to GSM arena the screen size is 3'2 which is pretty good taking account the usefullness of Android phone as those are not restricated to calling only multimedia use is very prior feature for Androids now days.HSPDA speed is also upgraded to 7.2mbps wherein in I version it was 3.4mbps which is quick slow against the kind of 3g speed we are having in India.

  • peter

-sound level is too quiet
-reboots in every 24-30 hours because of CP crash

  • Andy_from_Ireland

Got mine in Ireland for 39.99euro prepay for switching from other provider to Vodafone at carphone warehouse.

Only had it day but things I will note: SD card under the battery, silly idea, No notification LED light for missed calls/sms, Back cover flimsy to take off to get to battery etc, good responsive screen, ringtones seem low or ramped (ascending) ringing starts off quiet then get louder, No DLNA feature out of the box but download app called Skifta and it will give u DLNA feature (used on smart tv's etc) no autofocus camera seems to be fixed focus and only 3megapixel camera low by todays standards, jerky video recording when moving not smooth at 15fps but it is 640x480 vga (no HD, not even 720p) Just took photo and red curtains came out pink/purple colour in the picture (maybe I should have changed white balance settings if there is such settings), came with 2gb SD card included, no transfer software but can download android app for managing items from phone on PC. Great connectivity featuring the full works Bluetooth, Wi-FI, assisted GPS. Overall very good for price and feature have paid a lot more for phones in the past with much less features.

  • Andy_from_Ireland

whats the score with the notification light to notify of missed calls/texts there dont seem to be one on this vodafone smart 2 phone I bought. All my other Android phones had blinking light on right of handset. When i looked at Dummy phone on display in the vodafone shop it looked like there was an oblong 'window' next to the earpiece on the right as you look at the front of the phone so I was presuming this would be notification LED but on my phone it dont appear.

If I tilt my phone slightly I can sort of see the oblong window, is it just they have not put the notification LED in this phone or could it be this widow has only the sensor behind instead to auto adjust display light or turn off display when u hold phone to ear when on a call? - this is bugging me somewhat, I want a LED light to flash when I have missed a call or SMS.