Watch the Apple WWDC 2020 livestream live here

Peter, 22 June 2020

Apple’s WWDC is starting soon and will be broadcast from Apple Park, the company’s shiny new HQ. This year no developers will attend in person, instead everyone is in the same boat – people will be watching a livestream of the event.

You can watch the stream on YouTube (video embedded below) or you can use the Apple Developer app for Mac, iOS and Apple TV. You may need the app to help you get organized as Apple has over 100 engineering sessions planned between June 23 and 26.

If you’re in it just for the new iOS announcements and any new hardware, you can just check back with us as we’ll be covering the event. The impatient among you can read the What to expect post for details on what (we think) is coming.

Tim Cook is already up and he’s preparing to kick this thing off. Here’s a quick message from the CEO:


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

With all the amount of data that Big G has, do you really think that translate can be bettre than Goog Translate?

  • ML Cheung

Now let's see if Google will make the PiP feature on the YouTube app actually free with this... Well done, Apple. Well done.

It cant get more cringy that this comment.

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