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Peter, 23 March 2022

Year One was just a warm-up year, says Nothing (Carl Pei’s new company). In that time the company was founded, attracted investors and launched its first product (the ear (1) TWS headset). What’s next?

That is exactly the topic of today’s event, which is cheekily titled “The Truth”. The company is teasing a new product, but the event will also reveal the broader picture – a roadmap of future Nothing products and details on what the company wants to be.

Everyone is speculating that Nothing will announce a phone – Pei is the co-founder of OnePlus, after all. However, there have been surprisingly few leaks about it. All that we’ve heard is that it will feature a transparent design similar to the ear (1), which will become the trademark of the company.

Not that we’re complaining, copious, detailed leaks spoil the surprise. But if you want to know what Nothing will do next, you will have to watch the stream – the event starts at GMT 14:00.


Reader comments

How did you get to that conclusion? haha No i don't have a "ziaomi". As a matter of fact, i have an iphone and a Oneplus.

  • Carol
  • 25 Mar 2022
  • 3td

So you're one of those who buy xiaomi because is "faired " priced right?

i Think they are moving too fast..! anyways its just an Android Phone..!

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