Watch the OnePlus 5 announcement live here

Peter, 20 June 2017

The hype has been building up for months and the floodgates are finally about to open – you can watch it happen live right here. “It” being the unveiling of the OnePlus 5, of course!

There have been plenty of official teasers and unofficial leaks, we’ve summarized them here. Or if you prefer, you can watch the stream spoiler-free. Your choice!

We’ll be back with more on the OnePlus 5 as soon as the info arrives.


Reader comments

  • Balustrol

Only 500 calls to a center that large?

  • AnonD-288162

same design as iPhone7...does 1+ really don't have designers???...

  • Anonymous

If you think z3c is a great phone that you can not replace just get out of here and never come back. You would be satisfied with a nokia 3310 which has the best feature a.k.a. 20 days battery. If you dont like the phone just stop commenting. You prob...