Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ announcement live here

Victor, 06 August 2019

The birth of a new Galaxy Note has become one of the most exciting events in the smartphone industry in the past few years. Samsung's legendary phablet series is just so influential that it draws attention like few other announcements do.

This time around one could argue that the event is doubly important since the Note10 will be coming in two versions.

You can follow along by tuning to the video below as well and kick off the obligatory discussions into the pros and cons of the latest Notes in our comments section.

If you feel like revising the rumors while you wait for the event to start we have you covered. And once it's done stick to our homepage for the latest coverage of whatever Samsung shows on stage.

Leaked Galaxy Note10 images compare the size to Note10+, show off new color


Reader comments

Jez!!!! SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9 512GB still more expensive than Galaxy Note 10+ 512GB. Galaxy Note 9 must be do true note

  • Anonymous

Wow, thanks! I never thought of that! Fantastic advise,

  • Anonymous

No, I would prefer to stay with the S8 Plus for now. Thanks.