Weekly poll: are you getting the new Sony Xperia XZs?

Peter, 09 April 2017

Life goes slowly at 960 frames per second, enough to make the Xperia XZ from October last year seem old. Old enough to have a successor that is, the Sony Xperia XZs.

The upgraded camera is certainly the highlight of the ‘s’ version, and not just for its action-stopping video. The camera boasts a new sensor with pixels that are 19% bigger than the ones in the original XZ. The whole setup is called “Motion Eye” and lives up to its name thanks to the Predictive capture feature, which snaps up to four photos in the background (before you even press the shutter), it then lets you pick out the best one in case you missed some action.

Besides that, little else has changed. The RAM did get bumped to 4GB, but the chipset is the same Snapdragon 820 (not even 821), screen is still a 1080p LCD, battery remains at 2,900mAh, you get the idea.

Would you be better off waiting for the Xperia XZ Premium? That brings the world’s first 4K HDR mobile display (5.46” instead of 4.1”), goes up to Snapdragon 835 and will have a bigger battery. Or perhaps you have a non-Xperia phone on your mind?

Well, are you getting an Xperia XZs? Waiting for the Premium model or just happy with what you have?

Are you getting an Xperia XZs?
Sure thing!
I'm fine with the old one
Holding out for XZ Premium
I'm looking at other brands
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Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 14 Apr 2017
  • tZk

The Motion Eye also can pre-capture 4 pictures before the user press the shutter, its look awesome, thanks to the stacked camera sensor, it is incredible feature that help people capture what they wants.

  • AnonD-521587
  • 13 Apr 2017
  • kcM

its going to make overall the camera experience faster. there is also predictive capture. and it can be used as HDR like google to snap a bunch of pictures really fast for HDr. its not just a cool feature. I would get the premium for its ...

  • Super
  • 12 Apr 2017
  • dZA

Yes you said (try vs the iphone7). And there has been indeed compare in real-life speed, between iPhone 7 and XZs. No, I felt that Sony has been superior but maybe there was also some misunderstanding?

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