Weekly poll: are you using 5G on your phone?

Peter, 23 January 2022

The first 5G phones arrived on the market in early 2019, but three years later we’re still in a transitional period – most flagships have 5G, a typical mid-ranger does as well and even some entry level models. However, 4G phones are still being unveiled and there are quite a few countries without active 5G networks.

This week’s question is a simple one – do you use 5G on your phone? There are many reasons why you may not have switched yet, ranging from “not available in my country” to “don’t need it”.

Often the answer depends on your carrier. As a new addition to networks, 5G coverage is still spotty. Also, you may need a new plan to get access to 5G, but may not want to renew just yet. And you certainly need a 5G-capable phone, which may not be the case.

5G global coverage as of mid-2021 5G global coverage as of mid-2021 (source)

Thankfully, virtually every phone these days has LTE support, since some carriers are shutting down their older networks. But even that is not a guarantee. For example, AT&T in the US is sending out replacement phones to people still using 2G/3G handsets in preparation for the 3G shutdown (which is planned for next month, 2G is already gone). The day when everyone has a 5G-capabable phone is still far away.

Are you using 5G on your phone? And if not, why not?


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

If you have Android you could easily force 4g

  • Ethos Evoss

you complete nonsense.. you didn't get him at all and you absolutely don't understand how mobile network works I think u need to get that grip

Mn you have no absolutely idea what you talking about .. ''real4G '' my god explaing real 4g.. who nobody ever had since 2014 right Solan or Solun or whatever?

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