Weekly poll results: Android 12 loved for its looks more than its features

Peter, 17 October 2021

Even though Google no longer puts official dessert names on its mobile OS releases, Android 12 is looking pretty sweet (the code name is “Snow Cone” by the way). And its UI redesign, dubbed Material You, is a big hit.

Most of the people who voted in last week’s poll are excited to receive the Android 12 update. And they will be getting it, sooner or later. Which cannot be said for nearly a quarter of voters – they like what they see, but their phone is unlikely to get an unofficial update (do people still install custom ROMs - that's a question for another week).

Weekly poll results: Android 12 loved for its looks more than its features

We know that the data is probably skewed (a poll about Android is unlikely to attract iOS fans), but the overwhelming majority of voters are happy with Android and have no plans to switch over to the Apple platform. Only 10% are considering it, which is actually close to what analysts have found – 88% of Android users stick with the Android, the number for iOS users is 93%. That was for Q2 in the US, anyway, but it seems that only 1 in 10 are considering switching teams.

So, what is it about Android 12 that people like so much, anyway? Well, the most popular option in the other poll was “both the looks and the new features”, but considering that the “new features” option by itself placed last and that “Material You” was second, it’s pretty clear that the new look is the main driving force.

Weekly poll results: Android 12 loved for its looks more than its features

Material Design was introduced ages ago, it arrived with Android 5.0 Lollipop in 2014. Then it was touched up in 2018 with “Material Theme” (aka Material Design 2). Material You includes an elaborate automatic themeing system (that molds itself to fit your wallpaper), new widgets, redesigned UI elements and more animations (check out our Android 12 review for more details).

The end result is a fresh new look that fans love – this means makers would be wise to adopt as many of the changes brought on by Material You as possible.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 20 Oct 2021
  • P$I

Lol, having no bloatware is more important than having a cleaner software. You can always clean cached data from settings.

Which is nice,I wouldn't want them to switch to Zircon/Fuchsia.

Only one thing I've been waiting on for years and that's an all Google phone, Stock Android (well, Pixel's version) on a Google phone, on a Google chip.

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