Weekly poll results: Asus ROG Phone 8/8 Pro attract attention, but could do with a price cut

Peter, 21 January 2024

The last page of our Asus ROG Phone 8/8 Pro review begins with “The ROG Phone is not a cheap device.” And we’re not the only ones that feel that way, in fact, it was the common sentiment in last week’s poll.

Our review ends on a positive note and we found that Asus succeeded in its quest to make the ROG Phone 8 models more appealing to mainstream consumers. Many still see it as a gaming phone and aren’t interested in it, but maybe they will reconsider.

Weekly poll results: Asus ROG Phone 8/8 Pro attract attention, but could do with a price cut

As for others, a hotly debated topic in the comments was the switch to a punch hole camera. The ROG phones were among the last to keep the selfie camera embedded in the top bezel – but that made the bezel thick. The ROG Phone 8 made the top bezel thin at the cost of a small blemish on the screen and a downgrade to the speakers (there’s no longer room for front-firing speakers).

The Asus phone lineup is in a weird state. The Zenfone line is supposed to be the mainstream offering, but the last couple of generations have focused on petite flagships. Now the gaming-oriented ROG line is trying to break into the mainstream as well, this time as a (much) larger phone.

It remains to be seen if this shift in strategy will pay off for Asus, for now all that we can say is that a price cut would do wonders for the ROG Phone 8’s popularity.


Reader comments

The ROG 8 no longer can be termed as a gaming phone. Its price has been increased and it is now firmly in the territory of S24+. The gaming festures that are referred to have also been reduced drastically. No gamer would comply with the l...

Really? I Think you just read the specs and feels like "OH, this is a piece of crap". It just you that you never read the review fully. There are even worse option, which can be compared to the gaming phone.

Steam deck Uses Steam Os, based on Arch Linux. So far, There is no Whatsapp for Linux, And L. User are instructed for using WA Web (The One on the browser) And despite there are whatsapp on Win 11 (The OS that ROG used), You can't use a Separa...

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