Weekly poll results: fingerprint readers are the prefered lock mechanism

Peter, 08 July 2018

People are not convinced by this whole “face scanning” thing – fingerprint readers are here, they work, why over-complicate things with new tech? The “fingerprint reader” option in last week’s poll received over half of the votes.

It’s telling that the “both” option is a distant second (34% vs 56%) and “3D face scanning” by itself barely got any votes at all. Interestingly, more than a few comments mentioned iris scanners, a tech that seems to be on its way out (you can’t do animoji with an iris scanner).

Anyway, it seems that most people prefer the fingerprint reader for its convenience. Face scanners need a good view of your mug, which is annoying if you want to unlock your phone as it lays on the table. Readers are faster too.

The news that face scanners can be fooled by siblings/parents has resonated with readers too. Apple (and vivo and Xiaomi) need to nip this in the bud as those instances seemed to be cases of poorly trained Face ID. The camera-only face unlock options certainly didn’t help build people’s trust in face scanning either (even though it’s completely different tech).

Weekly poll results: fingerprint readers are the prefered lock mechanism


Reader comments

Lol, you really naive as you are, anyone with little bit of nitty bittty can easely by pass your pattern lock, it is very insecure, fingerprint scanner with iris scanner been in industry for so long because it is work best. if police will get your ph...

  • jtrogr

Its hard when you have construction plans for a death star on your phone, I know... Cant wait for a phone that opens up with Gipsy tears and only at midnight because #privacyconcerns

  • Anonymous

NOTE that you use the word FORCE, if people FORCE you to unlock your phone, even if its pattern, fingerprint, face, iris they can FORCE you to open it, they can open it, no matter how secure of a security feature is used on the phone. face id an...