Weekly poll results: the Black Shark 2 Pro is not a top scorer for Xiaomi

Peter, 11 August 2019

Xiaomi’s latest gaming phone, the Black Shark 2 Pro, didn’t score enough points for a win. The results from last week’s poll show that people are not impressed by the upgrades over the regular Black Shark 2.

They sounded pretty good on paper – this is one of the more affordable gaming phones and yet it’s among the first handsets to sport the faster UFS 3.0 storage, in addition to the Snapdragon 855+ chipset (which boosts GPU performance).

While not related to gaming, the Pro camera also got upgraded too – it gained 60fps mode when recording in 2160p resolution, also 1,920fps slow motion video. But reading through the comments, no one mentioned the camera. Instead, many wished for a display with higher refresh rate.

We guess Black Shark 2 Pro is not the kind of phone you buy for the camera. And as far as gaming performance goes, it looks like the Black Shark 2 was enough.

Weekly poll results: the Black Shark 2 Pro is not a top scorer for Xiaomi


Reader comments

  • wxyz7

When did you get this information? I have mi 5s plus (not using it anymore) and theyll still update it to android 10. Funny? Right?

The Black Shark 2 is a good phone, been using it for a week now. There are too many lows to make it a great phone. The fact that it works in the states is great! The problem is the lack of bands. With only 6 GSM bands, where do they expect to make a ...

One could say low latency was not enough to Hertz the Competition

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