Weekly poll results: Underscreen cameras can't come soon enough

Peter, 07 July 2019

The results from last weekís poll show a resounding victory for under-screen cameras. This is a tech thatís currently in the prototype stage, but itís going to make quite a splash when it becomes available on the mass market.

We expect all makers will switch to under-screen cameras as soon as they hit the right price/performance balance for them (the equations for flagships and mid-rangers are obviously different).

This tech enables full-screen designs without the sacrifices needed for pop-up/flip-up cameras Ė they take up less internal volume and they donít ruin the water resistance of a phone.

Yes, Oppoís CEO warned that the image quality is not great yet, but that didnít bother people in the comments. Some donít use the selfie cam at all, others would be willing to live with the hit to image quality to get thebenefits of under-screen cams.

Actually, flip-up cameras lost to the pop-up and notch designs, despite providing much better image quality than both. It seems that barely anyone cares about the quality of the selfie camera.

So, bring it on, Oppo, the market is ready to leave notches and punch holes behind. Other makers are working on under-screen cameras too - the more, the merrier, we'd say.

Weekly poll results: Underscreen cameras can't come soon enough


Reader comments

  • AnonD-819322

This whole thing about pop-up cameras, notches that only include a camera etc. are pretty bad decisions. How about a small mirror (so you can see yourself) below the back camera like the mid-2000s e.g. LG KG800, Nokia 6280/6288 and more. A dedicated ...

If you're s2pid enough to smash both screens then it's your problem, not mine. Just don't assume that most people are as careless as you think they are.

  • AnonD-784107

So what your saying. Is you prefer a phone with 2 screens. So when you smash the screens. You wont mind paying hundres of £. To replace both screens. Like i said pointless.